Why Massage Helps With Migraines

Throbbing temples, pressure in the forehead, thumping in the head, and a feeling of disconnection with the world are all symptoms of migraines. Now close your eyes and imagine fingers pressing onto your temples and forehead, rubbing your head and massaging your jaws. What a relief in pain!

What Is A Migraine?

A migraine is not your normal kind of headache that is associated with some sort of illness or tension, but it is affected by many internal and external factors. The cause of migraine pain is somewhat unknown but is mostly associated with cervical pain. The cervical is the bone on the back of your neck. Some people get a half head migraine in which your half head, half forehead, eyes, ear, jaw muscles and half side of neck is affected. The pain is a throbbing and pounding type and you feel a certain pressure on your half side. Another migraine is where you feel an excruciating pounding on your head, along with a severe throbbing in the temples and an aching neck. The pounding is due to the dilation or swelling of the blood vessels and veins in your head. You feel a certain pressure on the cervical bones of your neck which also causes difficulty in movement. The migraine starts slowly and can last up to a number of days.

Migraines tend to increase with physical activity of any sort or an activity which requires concentration. Migraines are also associated with many other symptoms such as dehydration, sensitivity to light and sound, anxiety, anger, depression, nausea, vision problems and even vomiting.

Factors Affecting Migraines

There are many factors which can lead to migraines:

· Hormonal changes

· Cervical pain

· Chemical changes

· Muscular spasms

· Anxiety and tension

· Environmental issues and irritants

· Health issues

· Food sensitivities

· Extreme anger

· Neck alignment

· Sleep issues

· Insomnia

· Neurological issues

· Vascular issues

· Blood sugar problems

· High blood pressure

The main reason for migraines is still a mystery, but it has been researched that one or more of these factors can cause migraines.

Does Massage Helps with Migraines?

Migraines can last many days and this excruciating pain becomes unbearable for many people where they cannot even operate properly in their daily life. Massagr helps in relieving and decreasing pain!

After conducting research on many people with migraines and massage therapy as compared to no massage with migraines; patients who received massage therapy reported quite a decrease in the intensity of pain, they experienced a decrease in the frequency and occurrences of migraines, they slept better and longer and the length of the migraine pain decreased.

What Is A Massage?

Massage is a form of manual and intentional therapy in which various parts of the body, and in case of migraines; the head, forehead and neck, are pressed, rubbed, kneaded, stroked, tapped and given pressure. It involves the touch factor of the hands and fingers by exerting pressure on the paining areas. Massage helps to relieve pain, tension, physical and emotional stress, and makes you feel lighter and relaxed.

How does Massage Help With Migraines?

1. Massage helps to relieve tight muscles and spasms and muscular tissues. This reduces the pressure on the head, the jaws and the base of the skull and the cervical bone.

2. Massage helps to balance out the hormones through the touch factor of the hands and the fingers thereby reducing the pain.

3. Massage increases the blood flow in areas where there is less and improves blood circulation which causes the pain to lessen and cure migraines.

4. Massage helps to relieve the tension and reduces stress and anxiety which make you feel relaxed.

5. The process of massage therapy causes your brain to release a chemical, known as Serotonin, which helps to relieve migraine pain. Studies show that this chemical directly reduces the pain of migraines.

6. Massage helps to decrease the amount of the stress hormone, Cortisol, while causing an increase in the level of endorphins which in turn leads to less stress, less pain, better sleep and less occurrence of migraines.

Migraines cause severe pain in the head, neck and temples and massage helps to reduce migraines, and directly reduce: stress,anxiety and pain and reduces the frequency of migraines.

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