Currie in Justison Landing


Our business is all about image. The luxe dΓͺcor and upscale,chic design of our salon/spa appeals to the sophisticated aspirations of our guests. Crisp clean lines and stimulating architectural elements clearly convey the message that we are all about style, while the sleek museum-like aesthetics allow the hair to become the artwork. Every aspect of our salon from the avant garde materials, lighting, custom designed styling stations, to the full-height curved European translucent channel glass in the reception area and the frameless flush doors in the bamboo walls were all carefully designed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail to convey the high level of quality and care that we strive to provide to our guests. Not only will you receive an astounding visual experience, but you will be awed by signature services. Our extensive salon menu offers guests an array of elite pampering services. Treat yourself to an experience of a lifetime that leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Business Hours

Mon: 10AM to 8PM
Tues: 8AM to 8PM
Wed: 8AM to 8PM
Thur: 8AM to 8PM
Fri: 8AM to 8PM
Sat: 8AM to 2PM

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Wilmington Waterfront –
317 South Justison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Phone: 302.777.7755

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