What Is Brow Artistry And Things You Should Know About It

Eyebrows are the most important features on your face and shaping them gives a different look to your eyes and overall facial appearance. Just like haircut, not every brow style suits everyone and it should be decided by each individual’s facial shape and size. Brow artistry is used to calculate the dimensions of your face and create the brow shape and arch that is most suitable for your face.

What is Brow Artistry?

Brow artistry is a unique method of brow shaping that not everyone is able to perform. Highly professional brow artists equipped with an esthetics background, along with cosmetics and beauty knowledge, are required for this job. They use a special process of facial feature mapping to design brows that perfectly goes with each guest’s unique facial shape and size.

Brow artistry is advancing a lot these days with treatments like microblading for shaping brows in a new style. However, a process of tattooing is also named under brow artistry where some tiny strokes of ink which resemble hair are added to your brows giving natural look of original brows on your face. Brows shaping from the tattooing treatment lasts a substantial time for longer lasting results. The popularity and trend OF getting your eyebrows done from these professionals is increasing with time to achieve the desired and a natural look.

Brow Trends

No doubt brows are always on trend and the shape is what changes from time to time: talking about the 1950’s when thick eyebrows were on trend like Audrey Hepburn had and then in the 1980s with bushy statement brows like Brooke Shields.

This trend changed widely with a great shift from thick brows to pencil thin brows when Pamela Anderson changed her look with super thin brows. People used to literally pluck all of their brows leaving only a thin line.

But you know history repeats itself and the trend of thick eyebrows is back again in action. While people many people who followed the 1990s fashion of pencil thin brows are now regretting it and trying hard to grow their brows back. Fortunately, the procedure of brow artistry is here to help us now as we can get the treatment done to have our think and bushy brows back.

Color Options

Another good thing about brow artistry is that you can even opt for color change of your brow hair. Estheticians can use the brow tinting technique to give you the shade you desire.

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