Eight Beauty-Bag Must Haves

Eight Beauty-Bag Must Haves

Here is a list of the eight must-have items for your make-up kit. The specific brand you choose depends on your budget, your preferences and your skin type but this should serve as your guideline as to what you really need. Following this list will save you from making unnecessary make-up purchases.

  1. Tinted moisturizer– Unless you’re going to a dinner party or a photo shoot, you don’t really need to pile on the make-up. Instead of using foundation (liquid or cake), purchase a good tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers give your skin an even, clean and natural look. It also gives you the added benefit of moisturizing your skin.
  2. Tweezers– There is nothing like clean brows to give your face an instant face-lift. With the right brow shape, your face can look young and clean. Good tweezers can last you many years.
  3. Eyelash curler– Bright, clear, open eyes can make a big difference in a person’s look. Curled lashes help in showcasing beautiful eyes.
  4. Blush– Healthy flushed cheeks can make a person look absolutely gorgeous and can complete a person’s natural look. There are a number of blushes available in the market in different forms: powder, gel, pencil and others. Some products even work as both cheek and lip tints.
  5. Tinted Chapstick– It’s a no-brainer that chapstick is the easiest thing to apply; you don’t even need to look in a mirror! This is why tinted chapstick is definitely a must have, not to mention it adds that perfect pop of color while moisturizing your lips!
  6. Eyeliner– Eyeliners can be used to line eyelids or define eyebrows. It can make your eyes look bigger or smaller depending on your preference. Pencil eyeliners are great because they are inexpensive and they don’t drip.
  7. Lipgloss– For days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup, but can’t step out of the house looking unkempt, lip gloss can add an instant ‘oomph’ to your look. Lip gloss is also great when you need to do quick touch-ups.
  8. Mascara– applying mascara can make a person look extra glamorous with very little effort. Invest in a good mascara to give your eyes an instant ‘pop’. Mascaras are also great for when you want the more dramatic effect of smoky eyes, or just need to make your eyes look awake!

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