Top 6 Reasons Why Guys Should Come To A Salon Instead Of A Barber Shop

You obviously have seen multiple barbershops and salons inside the city. From the outside, both of them look similar to each other but both of them are a world of their own.
Today, we will explain the advantages of going to a salon instead of a traditional barbershop.

1. Much More Than A Barbershop

Don’t get us wrong. Barbershops have existed from the start but ask yourself:

  • Don’t you want to up your game inside the fashion world?
  • Don’t you want your friends and families to admire your new looks?
  • What if you could experience something new inside a place which does more than just cuts hair? Won’t that be a new experience?

2. Clippers Vs. Scissors

Clippers are awesome for casual treatment. Usually guys are impatient and they go to a barbershop for a quick cut using hair clippers.
They don’t know that they are missing the intricate specializing techniques which are great for their hair, skin and body.
Salon experts use deep cutting techniques through scissors for a detailed, well maintained haircut.

3. Salon and Spa – A Sweet Combination

Most salons are equipped with a spa. Some feelings cannot be explained into words, rather you can only experience them.
One such feeling is having a tired body, going to a salon for a haircut, followed by a soothing experience of the day spa.
Not only you will feel more relaxed, you will feel that your body has been replenished.

4. Sensitive Skin Needs Exfoliation

A common stereotype exists all around the world that only women need grooming for their skin.
This is wrong on so many levels because men deserve care, every bit as women do. Some males have sensitive skin – which results in acne and dirt accumulation if they do not cleanse it thoroughly.
Salons have certified professionals who know about the care of every skin type. If you have a dry skin, it needs a proper treatment. If you have a sensitive skin, you need a proper treatment and visiting the Currie Day Spa you can experience facials designed specifically for men, in fact its even called: “The Gentlemen’s Facial.”

5. Massage Therapy

Salons and spa offer massage therapy which is therapeutic in nature. Adding a massage after/or before your haircut will have you not only looking great when you leave the salon, but feeling great too! Men who worked in occupations with much physical labor should start a massage regime to keep their muscles relaxed, free of tension and pain.

6. Body Care

Some people have lots of hair on their body. Visiting a salon provides men with the option of hair removal in a safe and efficient way. With age, we begin to see changes in our appearance and body, logically, your body will only age in a forward direction but you can ‘feel young’ through care. At a salon, you will be given advice through which you can maintain your body. This also breaks the stereotype that only women are eligible of getting a ‘manicure’ and ‘pedicure’.
Take care of your body – The world will appreciate you.

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