The 5 Best Men’s Skincare Products That Jack Black Has to Offer

The myth of men having better skin that doesn’t need any maintenance has gone on for too long. Fortunately, all of that is beginning to change. Thanks to companies like Jack Black, there’s a new movement towards creating innovative skincare solutions catering to men. As one of the most famous men’s skincare brands, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Jack Black products every man should try.

The History of Jack Black

Jack Black was first founded by Curran Dandurand and Emily Dalton in 2000. They identified a growing trend of men becoming more self-conscious about their image. After their initial debut, the concept quickly caught on, and soon, Jack Black was available for purchase nationwide.

The company is famous for creating products that include skincare solutions and grooming kits at affordable rates. Another benefit aside from its relatively cheap rates is that the product line is incredibly simple to use. For most men like us, it’s a dream come true.

5 Jack Black Products That Every Man Should Try

Jack Black comes equipped with several well-recommended skincare products in its portfolio. Whether it’s a well-deserved self-care kit you want or if it’s a gift for someone special, read on to find out which products stand out the most.

1) Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar Massaging Soap

Die-hard fans will not stop raving about this soap. That’s because Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar is the perfect shower companion you need. Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar Soap includes activated charcoal that can quickly absorb toxins, oil, and dirt from your skin. The soap doubles as an exfoliator and as a massaging bar. The raised numbs are designed to massage and relieve tension from your muscles. The list of ingredients includes a balance of charcoal and jojoba beads, giving it a grainy texture. Regularly exfoliating with soap will help you get rid of any accumulated dead skin cells, making your skin look healthy and fresh.

2) Jack Black All-Over Wash

Any skincare expert will let you know that your skincare routine is incomplete without a good cleanser. Thankfully, with Jack Black, that’s exactly what you get. Jack Black All-Over Wash is a multi-purpose wash for your face, hair, and body. In a single bottle, the All-Over wash comes equipped with everything that your skin and hair need. This includes Jojoba Protein and Panthenol which work together to remove dirt and sweat. It will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from your hair to your skin. Best of all, the cleanser is sulfate-free!

3) Jack Black Wax Pomade

Another excellent product that Jack Black offers is the Wax Pomade. If you want to smooth your hair into place while also giving it a natural shine, Jack Black has made the perfect lightweight wax for you. Jack Black Wax Pomade has multiple ingredients that make it special. This includes tea tree which stops your scalp from flaking as well as green tea extract that helps in improved hair growth.

4) Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit

The best friend that any man can get is a good beard grooming kit. If you want to upgrade your skincare game to the next level and improve the maintenance of your facial hair then Jack Black offers just the right product for you. Jack Black’s Bread Grooming Kit comes jampacked with popular and excellent products that you can use for all types of facial hair. This includes “Cleanse with Bread Wash”, “Condition with Bread Oil” and much more. The kit is designed to help you shave without drying out your skin. It even reduces irritation and razor burns.

5) Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion

Jack Black has designed the perfect lightweight lotion and moisturizer that comes jampacked with nourishing ingredients. Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion comes equipped with a gentle version of menthol. Every time you use it, the lotion gives a refreshing and cooling sensation to the skin. It’s the perfect body lotion to use after a shower or a hard workout. The lotion has a star ingredient in the form of Soy Protein which is known to restore smoothness and skin moisture.

Final Thoughts

Jack Black has stood the test of time. For over 20 years, the company has managed to be the leading provider of skin care products for men. Their excellent policies and cruelty-free solutions have won the hearts of men around the globe.

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