The Smooth History Of Massage

A massage is the ultimate solution to stress and tension. A massage can do wonders for your body and your wellbeing. It alleviates stress, relieves tensions and relaxes you from the inside out. Sounds pampering, right? But have you ever wondered how long massage has been around? Who invented it? All of these questions will be answered as you keep reading.

What Is A Massage?

A massage is basically the manipulation of the tissues and muscles of the skin. It is usually done to loosen your body if it has been feeling stiff and less flexible than usual. A massage also increases blood circulation around the entire body while rejuvenating your mind and body. It reduces stress and helps you feel more active and awake. There are my types of massages some of the most popular being: soothing, deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology and reiki.

History of Massage

Massage is very commonly known by a lot of people, but very few people know the history of it. Massage therapy has been around for more than 5000 years. The inventor of massage was Pehr Henrik Ling, a Swedish physical therapist. He was known as the “father of massage”. He invented the classical massage, which is, now, very common in the world. He was born in 1776 AD, so you can get a solid idea that massage therapy has been around for a long time.
Earlier then 3000 BC, the Hindus would use Ayurveda techniques, to ensure a better and healthier lifestyle. In Ayurveda, massage therapy and physical therapy were very common. Hindus would use massage therapy as a way to alleviate pain and fatigue and it really helped people with such issues. Ayurveda specialists believed that massage was the only way to bring sick people back to health, because the massage was a way to get their body in tune with nature, which, directly led to healing and a healthier lifestyle later on.

A good portion of the history of massage therapy is found in China and Asia. Dating back to about 2700 BC, Chinese people swore by massage therapy, for medicinal purposes and it was also one of the most effective methods for post healing in martial arts and Kung Fu. Massage was the natural way of healing the body without having to go about the route of allopathy or other foreign medicines.

Massage therapy was also very well-known in Egypt, as it was depicted in tomb drawings. Massage therapy in Egypt dates back to almost 2700 BC. Egyptians used massage therapy for strengthening their reflexes. They used to put pressure on specific points on their hands and feet to heal quickly and become more stealth.

Different Types of Massages

There are a variety of massages you can choose from, according to your specific needs and where you want your body to feel more flexible. Some very unique types of massages you might not have heard of are:

1. Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu massage is done, ironically, by the practitioner’s feet. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? This type of massage originated in Japan, where a massage practitioner uses their feet to manipulate your skin and muscles.

2. Ayurvedic Massage

This type of massage is catered to people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. This massage helps them to feel rejuvenated and healthy at the same time. This massage involves the stimulation of the lymphatic system, which reduces fatigue and stress and leads to a better immune system.

3. Thai Massage

Thai massage is what you would call a “traditional” massage. This is done by a practitioner, who instructs you to lay down on a massage table on your stomach. Afterward, they use a blend of oils, to help their hands glide easily on your body, especially your back, to give you a relaxing experience, a stress relieving and stimulating a full-body massage.
If all this talking about massages will definitely get you tempted for booking a massage right this moment. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat your body with a relaxing, stress-relieving and rejuvenating massage.

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