Surprising Benefits of getting a massage regularly in 2018

A massage is a body therapy that is normally done by applying pressure on a body usually applied by the hands, fingers, knees, elbows, feet or massage devices. The main purpose of having a massage is mainly to relieve stress and pain through the manipulation of the soft body tissues.

Massages are normally conducted on clients as they lay down on a massage table, a mat on the floor or while seating on a massage chair. There are several types of massage therapy which are basically divided into two main categories which are;

Rehabilitative massage also known as deep tissue massage, medical massage, or therapeutic massage. This type of a massage is mainly practiced in hospitals, clinics and chiropractic establishments.

Relaxation massages which are also known as Swedish massage. This type of massage is practiced in spas, wellness centers and resorts.

What are the benefits of massages?

People use massages for a number of reasons such as to relieve pain, treat anxiety and depression, reduce stress and increase relaxation among other purposes.

Getting a massage usually feels nice though it is not a solid enough reason to keep booking massage sessions. There are a number of other benefits that are available to provide you with good enough reason to keep booking those sessions. Other solid benefits of getting a massage include;

1. Correcting body problems

This is mostly seen in the remedial type of massage. The therapists usually start by assessing your body and observing the changes over time. From there, they can determine which type of massage best suits you. The types of corrections that can be addressed by this type of massage include postural injuries, joints injuries and they can as well help to improve circulation. This is basically to promote the overall well being of the body.

2. Stress Reduction

This is perhaps one of the most noticeable effects of getting a massage. Massages have a way of reducing both emotional and physical stress. Getting a massage is one of the most recommended forms of therapy for people who are having emotional issues. The soothing pampering benefits of massage encourage the release of feel good hormones.

3. Immunity boosting

Due to the effect of reducing stress, your immune system will be able to work better. Massage also helps to increase circulation which also works to improve the immune system effectiveness.

4. Improve mental alertness

When one relaxes through massages, one’s level of mental clarity and alertness increases.

5. Releasing muscle tension and pain

A good massage has a way of releasing trigger points while stretching and elongating muscles. By releasing muscle tension, massages help to alleviate pain and also help to eliminate toxins and oxygenate the cells.

6. Improved posture

Massage helps to relieve tension especially around the neck and shoulder areas. This is particularly beneficial to those people who normally sit a lot. Remedial massage can help to remedy these problems by lengthening the muscles and balancing out the body for an improved posture.

7. Improved skin tone

Another benefit of getting a massage is that it can help to improve a person’s skin tone by helping to reduce tension in the skin and the bordering tissues by increasing circulation. Massages help to improve suppleness, moistening and softening the skin.

8. Treat health disorders

Massage helps to treat a variety of health disorders such as insomnia, headache, depression and anxiety. It also helps to treat arthritis, high blood pressure and chronic pain.

To conclude

Massages are very beneficial in seriously soothing you mind and body. If one is getting a massage for the first time, it can get a bit awkward since it involves one stripping down to their birthday suit to a total stranger but you have to know that it is totally normal. Keep in mind that massage therapists are trained professionals who are trained on how to deal with people and to avoid those awkward situations and will keep you wrapped in sheets.

When getting a massage, it is important for one to breathe so that one cannot miss out on some of the benefits of massages. It is important for one to drink a lot of water after getting a massage. This is important in helping you to re hydrate, build healthy muscle tissues and remove metabolic wastes that accumulate as you get our massage.

It is also important that you talk to your therapists about the type of massage you are going to get. If you would like a specific type of a massage style, you should always feel free to request your therapist for what you want.

One should also be strategic about timing though there is no particular timing that is ideal for getting a massage. Think about what time is the most ideal for you to get a massage. Some people would like to get their massage in the morning to kick-start their day while others would prefer to get their massage at the end of the day so as to be able to unwind after having a long day.

It is also advisable that people should as much as possible avoid eating before they get their massage as massage helps to stimulate digestion hence if you are full, you might get a bit uncomfortable during the massage session.

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