What Is Reflexology Massage And What Are Its Benefits?

There are hundreds of tiny nerve endings under our feet. This is why staying all day on our feet can have an effect on our entire system inside out.

What is It?

Reflexology massage is a technique of foot massage that is used to work on pressure points (nerve endings). This brings several benefits to the overall body.

Benefits of Reflexology Massage

Reflexology massage is very popular amongst people these days because of the several benefits that it has to offer. As it is said, there is nothing better for the human body and mind than a reflexology massage. It is a natural way to heal your body and to make your mind feel peaceful and rested too. Here are some of the most common benefits that reflexology massage can bring to you.

1. Works for Different Types of Body Pains

The first benefit, which is pretty obvious one too, is the fact that a reflexology massage works greatly to heal different kinds of body pains. The most common treatable body pains include headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain and back pain as well.

2. Improves Blood Circulation in The Body

Reflexology massage works great to improve and regulate the flow of blood throughout the human body. Improved blood circulation is great for the internal and external system of the human body. It can relax body muscles and make the bones stronger too. Moreover, boosted blood circulation promotes oxygen transportation throughout the human body as well.

3. Helps to Fight Depression, Stress and Anxiety

The benefits of reflexology massage are not only limited to the body but also extend to the human mind as well. Serotonin is a positive hormone that promotes happy feelings in the body. Reflexology massage promotes the production of serotonin hormone production inside the human body. Stimulating serotonin production through foot massage is believed to be a trusted way to fight depression, stress and anxiety.

4. Deflates PMS Symptoms in Women

One of the most troublesome period every month that women have to go through is PMS. Common symptoms of PMS include bloating, stress, depression, lack of appetite, back pain, legs pain, headaches, fatigue and mood swings. A good and effective reflexology massage is greatly helpful to deflate and ease common PMS symptoms.

5. Improves Sleep Cycle and Cures Insomnia

We all lead such busy and tiring lives these days. Our daily routine is all messed up. We find it so difficult to strike a balance between work, social life and family life. All this not only takes its toll on our health but adversely affects our sleep cycle as well. People differing from disturbed sleep cycle or insomnia can benefit from the reflexology massage technique. This massage helps the body to relieve stress and makes it feel calm and rested. This induces sleep.

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