Why Pregnant Women Can Benefit From Facials And Massages?

You must have heard all those old-woman’s tales on how a pregnant woman becomes radiant and her skin glows. But is it really the case? It has been commonly observed that reality is miles apart from this per-conceived notion (though we must admit it would have been wonderful if it were true).

What Happens to The Skin During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy results in serious hormonal changes inside the body. This results in the skin conditions of women changing abruptly as well. The skin become dull, breakouts in form of pimples, acne and blemishes are common and skin become decolored as well. The skin can also become very coarse and rough.

What Happens to The Body Muscles During Pregnancy?

The baby grows and develops inside the belly but the entire process of 9 months has its toll on the entire body. Hence, in pregnancy the muscles stretch and become sore. Body cramps, pain and soreness is common.

Facials and Massages for Pregnant Women

There is nothing better than a good facial and a relieving massage for pregnant women. This is enough to make all women feel pampered and also give them temporary relief from an otherwise challenging physical time. There are many benefits of facials and massages for pregnant women as well.

1. Works on Improving Discoloration of Skin

Facials help to make the skin condition better. This is the biggest benefit of all. A good facial after every 15 to 30 days during the pre-natal period can help make the skin even-toned and remove all discoloration of the skin.

2. Reduces Breakouts and Skin Acne

A good facial can reduce skin acne and breakouts. Your face will start looking cleaner, smoother and healthier. The skin will become healthier and give back some of the much promised ‘glow’ that every pregnant woman is expected to have.

3. Relieves Muscle Tension and Soreness

A body massage is helpful to relieve muscle tension and pain. Massages regulate the flow of blood inside the human tissues and muscles. Increased blood flow is helpful to ease out sore muscles and make the tissues relaxed.

4. Boost Positive Hormone Production

Regular physical massages in pregnant women are helpful to boosting the hormonal levels in the body of pregnant women. Various researches offer strong evidence that massages can boost the production of hormones inside the human body. Hormone levels are always high during the pregnancy but massage helps to boost the production of right hormones in the body. This includes the production of dopamine and serotonin that generally uplifts the human mood and brings feelings of happiness and peace in the body.

5. Helpful to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

A good massage does not only have physical benefits for women but also helps them psychologically during this time as well. A massage drastically helps new mothers to fight anxiety and stress. Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy is not all roses and flowers but a very challenging experience for expectant mothers. Stress relieving activities such as massages can be very beneficial in this hard time.

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