Men’s Fashion: 5 Most Popular Men Haircuts

Men are always looking for something new and trendy for their hairstyles. So we thought we’d talk about some of the haircuts we are seeing guys asking for these days in the salon. Nowadays, there is a high demand for short hair cuts in men and boys. Some of the best and most popular haircuts have been listed as below.

1. The Crew Cut

The crew cut or the army style haircut is the top hairstyle that men generally prefer and has been a classic choice for years! The sides are trimmed close and the top is longer with more density. You can a good crew cut and apply a nice hair cream to style the look.

2. Flow Cut or the Under Cut

This is another very good style for your hair you can choose. The undercut is similar to a crew cut with the exception that you have longer hair. The sides are trimmed close (not as a close a crew cut), but the top is left longer for styling with ease! Men along with the young teenagers usually prefer a good undercut as it is trendy and allows for styling freedom.

3. Disconnected Cut

This hair cut is a perfect combo with a long dense beard. If you want a good contrast of shaved sides, a bun of hair at the upper head and long beard; then you are choosing the right hair cut for you! Just go for it: be bold! Ready to rock the man bun? This is the look for you!

4. High Fade

If you are going to an experienced stylist who has excellent haircutting skills then you should really try this out. A high fade comes with neatly trimmed sides and at the rear portion of head. You will get short and almost double-sized hair at the top of your head as well as on the sides. This look is the epitome of “cool: and high fashion for guys. The high fade is a great haircut and is very popular in men of every age group.

5. The trendy Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is very trendy and beneficial for the men facing hair loss problems. If you are experiencing weaker hair follicles that do not support long hair, you should go for this popular hairstyle. The buzz cut is a detailed, equal-one length haircut for a nice trendy and manageable style.

Although there are many other hair styles that you can go for at a salon these are some of the most trendy and popular ones. Don’t forget to apply a nice shampoo while you wash your hair and good hair oil afterwards.

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