Why Men Should Get Facials?

Why Men Should Get Facials?

Short answer – why not? If women can take care of their skin via beauty facials, men too have every right to make their skin more appealing.

1. Male Skin Produces More Oil

Males produce testosterone and so their skin produces more oil, as compared to women. If produced oil is left untreated, it will clog the pores of the skin and start forming blackheads.
Facials are a way of removing oil clogged debris. With hydrated pores on your face, you will face lighter, fresher and enhance your natural look.

2. A Source of Hydration

The coolest thing about facials is that the whole procedure stimulates your skin. Through skin stimulation, blood flow increases and exchange of oxygen is enhanced at the microscopic (capillary) level. This makes you fresh and you don’t feel tired.
A facial is a way to brighten your skin color. The more oxygenated blood flows through your face the more are the chances of you getting a clearer skin as your skin cells will be getting the required nutrients.

3. Aftershave Lotion Effects

Aftershave lotions are great for fighting unpleasant cuts you encounter during shaving off facial hairs but they have some cons of their own. Certain aftershave products gradually become a cause of allergy, face redness and skin irritation.Therefore, it is important to indulge in periodic cleaning of your face, which happens during a purifying facial.

4. You Get to Stop Time

By stopping time, we mean you can slow down the signs of aging that happen to your skin. With a facial stimulating your skin, maximum oxygenation will keep your stress levels reduced, making you feel more active. It is important to know that regular shaving produces wrinkles with the passage of time. This is especially observed in people having dry skin. Without proper facial hydration, their face loses its glow. You need a moisturizer to replenish the nutrients your skin loses. A facial is the ultimate face healer, supplying nutrients to your skin and making you resistant to wrinkles and stress.

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