Making Mani’s Easy!

Love getting your nail’s done, but always stuck on what is the best color to choose? We’ve gathered some of the best sellers from our two favorite brands: OPI and Essie that have stood the test of time! These shades are always the most popular, constantly requested and you can’t go wrong with classics!

OPI’s ‘Big Apple Red’ – Red

The color red speaks for itself! The fun thing about red is that is like a different color with it’s own personality and flair! They all give off a unique vibe that reflects your personal style. OPI’s I Stop for Red says it right, because it’s truly attention-grabbing! Just like the city it’s name after its iconic and makes a statement!

Essie’s ‘Perennial Chic’ – Beige

A pale sandy fawn color that is popular amongst royalty: can we say “princess vibes!” Its equally feminine and sophisticated for the perfect classic manicure ideal.

OPI’s ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ – Dark Purple

OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark is a dark purple shade that is one of a kind. The shade is almost black, but the undertones of purple make it almost magical! This fun shade can match any look for a chic sophisticated style!

OPI You Don’t Know Jacques: Taupe

This fun color is considered part of the taupe family: perfect if you love a classic understatement nail color, but want something different than a french manicure. This color adds an add of sophistication to your look without being distracting or overpowering

OPI Cajun Shrimp: Coral

This color is spicy: just like’s its namesake! A fun variation of red that reminds you of a tropical vacation! Can be worn to work (because its not too outrageous) but also perfect for your holiday getaway!

OPI Strawberry Margarita: Pink

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and all the time with this fun flirty pink shade that guest have been loving for years! Like the drink it’s named for: its a classic and here to stay!

Essie Ballet Slippers- Pale Pink

The name perfectly describes this serene and lovely color! A lovely pale pink that just kisses your nails for the perfect lady-like manicure.

Essie Udon Know Me- Blue

Want something more adventurous? How about a fun blue shade like this popular choice from Essie. It’s unique, but not too bold or bright. It can be easily paired for everyday wear, or chosen for your vaca shade!

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