Feeling stressed? Here’s a quick little meditative exercise. Close your eyes. Picture an oversized comfortable chair, with tables within reach to hold your coffee or tea and your favorite book. Picture that chair to be in its own little corner of the world. No tv, no loud voices, no distractions. Now picture a warm bubble bath at your feet, for your feet. Does it look like this?

My peaceful view in my private alcove!
Now snap out of the meditation and back to reality. That stinks, right? Well this can be a reality at Currie Hair Skin and Nails in Kennett Square. All of the Currie salons offer the same excellent service, but the Kennett Square location is located in an older historic building in town, creating an intimate layout that feels like home. For a true introvert like me recharging my social battery can only be accomplished by time alone and with minimal distractions, and that’s not always easy to come by. Most women are juggling multiple roles, sometimes within the same five minutes. It’s a balancing act for sure and one that can quickly have things dropping if we don’t stop for a minute to put ourselves first. It’s just like they tell you on the airplane, you must put on your oxygen mask first so that you are then able to help others around you.

I had only been here about 5 minutes and I was already THIS happy!
As silly as it sounds one of the things that stresses me out as soon as I go for a manicure or pedicure is choosing a polish color. When someone hands me a wheel of 3,426 colors, including 1,000 shades of red, the decision maker in me balls up into a corner and hides. But here at Currie I remembered I was in the hands of an expert. When you consult an interior decorator you are paying for their expertise of knowing which colors work best.

Trisha Buyauskas is the nail technician at Currie in Kennett Square and she was so helpful in picking out the perfect colors. I always find this transitional time of year extra difficult to choose so Trisha recommended CND Shellac in Oxblood for my nails and Essie’s Cut the Line as a coordinating shade for my toes.

Essie polish Cut The Line
But before the polish was the most decadent pedicure I’ve ever had. My feet had been beat up from summer flip flop weather and going barefoot. Trisha applied a mango citrus scrub that she mixed with a moisturizing mask that felt heavenly. The scrub/mask combo effectively removes the dead skin, making it easier for the moisturizer to penetrate the skin.

After the mask is applied your legs and feet are wrapped up in warm towels. I wanted this to be done to my entire body! After the polish was removed I saw scary ugly white lines on my toes but Trisha explained that with dark nail polish being applied over and over, the toes don’t get a chance to breathe and the nail essentially dries out. She buffed and scrubbed it all away and for the first time in forever I almost considered just going with a clear coat because my actual nails looked that good! While quite frankly I do not like my own feet (some people have pretty feet, mine are a little flat, chunky and stubby!), I am showing you the below picture because of how good the nails looked.

I was almost a little sad when the water drained out of the tub and it was time for the polish. Trisha patiently and perfectly painted my toes in this gorgeous shade. And of course I forgot my flip flops but they have really nice black actually walkable ones that they give to you so all was good.

I was so relaxed during the pedicure that I didn’t even mind taking the time to multi-task and get through my inbox. I actually felt productive! It enabled me to actually relax when it was time for the manicure as opposed to the usual panic that starts to set in that I am just sitting there unable to do anything or feeling guilty that I should be doing something else. Plus it gave me time to talk with Trisha, truly one of the most nurturing and gentle souls I have ever met. Everything about her personality and demeanor is soothing, she’s one of those people that just radiates a calm warmth, whereas I myself just radiate anxiety! She also said that taking care of your feet is a way to show love to yourself. She explained that our feet ground us and take us all over. Getting a pedicure and polish is something you can do just for yourself and you get to enjoy it even if it is winter and it is only you that sees your toes. Fun side note, Trisha is a total foodie and can tell you all the best places to go for all kinds of food. She even hosts a Taco Talk at her house with a rotating group of friends that sounded like something you would see in a movie and think “I should do that!”
I don’t have as many pictures of the manicure because obviously my hands were a little busy! The same lavish treatment was done on my hands, except Trisha does it after the polish to ensure the shellac adheres well to bare and clean nails. Oh and she also has those amazing butterscotch candies on her desk, (yes, I am one of those people that gets excited over the little things).

CND Shellac’s Oxblood shade.

Tricia explained that she likes to use the Shellac as it is a bit easier to get off of the nails after they are soaked and wrapped, it requires much less scraping and scratching. I loved the color and the shine factor was so good. I really honestly wasn’t ready to leave when I was done! It was so nice to relax and enjoy the process rather than my usual rushing through it. And the price is very affordable and not very different from what I end up paying at a walk in place. Even better if you follow my website you are eligible for $20 off of your first mani/pedi with Trisha at the Currie location in Kennett Square! Trust me, it’s worth it and yes, you do deserve it!

8 days later, and I am hard on my nails!

So go! Now! You don’t need an occasion, you don’t need an excuse, you just need to know that you deserve it and that it will make you happy every time you look at your hands and feet. Life can be out of order but sometimes it’s these little things that help us feel more pulled together.

Thanks for reading!



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