Time at Home Taking a Toll On Your Nails and Hands?By Nail Technician Kim McGraw

Time at Home Taking a Toll On Your Nails and Hands?By Nail Technician Kim McGraw

It’s no doubt this time at home has taken a toll on our hands and nails at this time. If you find yourself with grown out shellac or acrylic nails you can soak them off in acetone at home. Pure Acetone is available at most drug stores. Start by removing the polish. Cut most of the length off of the nails. Then soak in a bowl of acetone for approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending on the product. Nails will be dry after so make sure to rehydrate with cuticle oil and also lightly shape and buff the nails. If you are not able to get acetone then cut down the nails to an even length and slowly let them grow out. Try not to pick or pull off the product as this will damage the nail plate.

Another way to protect our natural nails after product removal or our natural nails in general is to put a coat of nail strengthener on every other day. This will help protect the nails from the elements like hand sanitizer and soap and water. It is also important to take care of the skin and cuticles on your hands as soap and hand sanitizer strips our natural oils. Try to re-hydrate the skin on your hands after every hand washing. A good hand cream at night before bed and cuticle oil on your cuticles is extremely restorative. Last but not least if you feel like having a little color on your nails I recommend using a base coat, one coat of nail polish so it drys quickly and a topcoat. Gently file nails then carefully push back cuticles. Wash the nail plate with soap and water and you’re ready for a polish. A nice natural pink goes a long way or hot pink or red if you need to brighten your day! I recommend Essie gel couture polish for natural nails. It requires no base coat, lasts longer and dries in 10 minutes. Two coats followed by a topcoat is all you need for an express DIY look at home!

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