How Massage Scientifically Makes You Healthy

Massage is a proper therapy used worldwide that has multiple health benefits, including pain relief to help us feel refreshed and renewed. We all know we feel great after a massage, but is there evidence to prove it’s helping us? Let’s shed some light over the scientific ways that massage is more than just a great feeling!

1. Reduced Soreness

It is very common when we feel tired or sore throughout of body that it can be greatly reduced by massage therapy. When a sore muscle is massaged the stress hormone cortisol drops by approximately 31%. Also, this drop down is followed by around a 30% increase in dopamine and serotonin which are considered the “good feeling hormones.”

2. Better Immune Power for Breast Cancer and Leukemia Patients

Science has proven that the functioning of the immune system largely improves with reducing physical and emotional pain in patients with breast cancer and leukemia. This happens because massage increases the blood flow to some of that areas of your brain related to mood swings and stress regulation.

3. Touch Receptors Help to Reduce Pain

A very common example of this principe is: when you accidentally bump your knee or elbow then a sharp pain hits you quick and hard. We’ve probably all used the phrase: “oh I hit my funny bone!” Our immediate response it to rub the area where we feel the pain to try and reduce it’s impact. The touch receptors in our bodies activate and signal the brain to not to fully register the painful stimuli.

4. Short Term Pain Reducer for Cancer Patients

Scientifically it is proven that massage therapy is of great help to reduce pain in cancer patients. Massage can provide short-term pain belief, while boosting their mood and helping them relax, but it is strictly recommended to get a proper consultation from specialist before any massage therapy. There are certain guidelines that must be followed for the patient’s safety.

6. Better Mental Health

A meta-analysis of seventeen clinical trials held in 2010 proved the positive effects of massage therapy on our mental health with great reduction in depression levels. It was also tested on pregnant women and show positive results in terms of helping with leg and back pain caused by their pregnancy. Also, their babies were found to be more active and healthier than the ones who did not have massage therapy done. However, pregnant women should not try this therapy without seeking consultation from their doctors.

7. A Great Tool for Fibromyalgia

A study was done for Fibromyalgia patients and it was concluded that massage therapy can reduce pain temporarily in these patients. It also helps in reducing fatigue levels along with other symptoms that occur during this disease. The research for the effectiveness of massage for fibromyalgia patients is still going on and therefore patients are strictly advised to consult specialists before looking for such therapies.

9. Best Pain Killer

As per the clinical trial carried in 2008 by NCCIH, massage therapy is also concluded as the best pain killer for chronic pain. It is also helpful in relieving pain for women going through labor pains.

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