How Massage Can Help Sinus Issues?

Sinusitis is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses. It can cause an infection also.

If you are suffering from sinus pressure massaging your sinuses may help to alleviate some of your irritation. Massaging the sinuses can help relieve the pressure. There are different kinds of massages you can try, if you are suffering from sinus issues. These massages including a basic, full-face massage as well as massages designed for specific parts of your face. It is a fact that chronic sinusitis can be treated with a series of massages and your massage therapist can suggest ways to maintain your results at home.

All You Need To Know About Sinus Massage:

Sinus massage is a 30-45-minute gentle massage around the neck, head and other sinus areas. There are reasons behind sinus massages, but mainly to alleviate some of the pain and to help promote drainage of the sinuses. During a sinus massage, the neck is addressed first, followed by the head and sinuses.
When your massage therapist works on your head, neck and shoulders, they can stimulate the flow of lymph to help reduce lingering inflammation, and then start working on your face for more dramatic results.
Gentle work helps to decrease congestion and increase drainage from your sinuses. Working directly on pressure points can help relieve stubborn pressure contributing to your blocked feeling and sinus headaches.

Who Should Get A Sinus Massage?

Yes, we can all benefit from this sinus massage. You might actually be surprised in how much pressure it can relive. Specifically, sinus massage is good for people with allergies, sinus pain, neck pain, dizziness, nausea, headache and more.

How Does This Massage Feel?

A sinus massage is very gentle. It is true that the sinuses are more superficial than you might think. Don’t rub your face with a lot of pressure. You should be very gentle with your sinuses.

How Does The Area We Live In Affect Our Sinuses?

Believe it or not, your environment really affects your sinuses. Because of rapid pressure changes, high humidity and pollution, your sinus issues can become severe. Yes, your area can make a person with allergies and sinus issues absolutely miserable. In such cases, a sinus massage can be very helpful in encouraging the drainage of your sinuses.

Seeking Massage Therapy from A Qualified Massage Therapist

If you are going with a qualified massage therapist, during a massage session, he will apply gentle pressure to the face that will induce lymphatic draining. This will surely reduce the painful pressure that has been caused by fluid buildup in the sinuses.

The Bottom Line

Sinus infections are very debilitating because they negatively impact your breathing. Unfortunately, sinus infections tend to be widespread during the winter season, so be extra careful in this time period. Massage is helpful to relive stress, improve health and keep the body fluid and mobile. Just like anything else that you maintain about your life and health, it’s very important to address the sinuses regularly.

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