Father’s Day Special: All You Need To Know About Men’s Skincare Routine

There was a time when skincare routines were only followed by women. However, times have changed. Today, men also follow skincare routines that keep them looking cool and handsome. It might seem an easy task but you have to consider important factors to ensure that you provide your skin get the optimum care it deserves. Follow these tips if you want to keep the awesomeness on this Father’s Day or if any of the sons and daughters want to gift your father a refreshing salon appointment.

Learn Your Skin Type

The first important factor when it comes to maintaining your skin is learning your skin type. There are four common types of skin. Normal, oily and dry/sensitive, and combination. Learning your skin type is crucial to your skincare routine as it helps determine the right type of products to be used. If you have oily skin, you cannot opt for products that are made for dry skin. It will lead to further irritations.
If you are not able to determine your skin type you can consult an esthetician or dermatologist. Once you are aware of your skin type, you can easily develop a skincare routine by choosing and applying products made for the right purpose.

Cleanse Your Skin

You should wash your face both in the morning and at night. Plus, you should use a facial cleanser every morning and before going to sleep at night so that the oil can be removed. To wash your face use warm water. This helps open the pores and the impurities deep within.
As you are applying the cleanser, rub it gently using the tip of your fingers. When you are done cleansing, splash your face with warm water and then pat dry. Make sure not to rub your face as it can lead to premature wrinkles.

Use A Face Scrub

Although people tend to confuse cleansers and face scrubs, the two are completely different things. Scrubbing is basically the process of exfoliating your skin. Men who have oily skin should exfoliate more than men with dry skin. The reason being that over time dead cells accumulate on your skin, which hampers the development process. Exfoliating removes these dead cells and allows healthier cells to reveal themselves.

Moisturize Your Skin

Then again, you should moisturize your skin in the morning and before going to sleep at night. Moisturizers help keep your skin healthy, young, and hydrated when it is hot outside. As you age, the ability of your skin to hold moisture decreases as well.
On the other hand, applying a moisturizer at night helps your skin replenish by absorbing the nutrients it needs. This is the time when your skin repairs itself and prevents premature aging.

Apply Sunscreen

Even though most men tend to ignore sunscreens, they help protect your skin against harmful radiations of the sun. As a result, you prevent aging as well as skin damage. If your job requires you to be out in the field most of the day, you should apply sunscreen even if required multiple times. Once you come home, wash the sunscreen off and apply a moisturizer before sleeping.

Consider Underlying Skin Conditions

Underlying skin conditions make it difficult for men to develop a proper skincare routine. The reason is that such men tend to be allergic to some ingredients. Therefore, if you have any such medical and specific skin conditions, you should consult an expert before buying products. Furthermore, it is not necessary that you always invest in expensive products. You can purchase budget-friendly items that perform more or less the same. It all comes down to what suits your skin.

Maintain Your Diet

Your diet directly affects the condition of your skin. What you eat throughout the day will reveal itself at the end of the day. If you love eating chocolates or other similar items, do not be surprised if your face is covered with pimples the next day. Therefore, it is suggested to opt for healthy meals instead of junk foods. Develop a routine and then stick to it.
Plus, you should opt for fresh vegetables and fruits that provide your body and skin with the essential nutrients it needs. Proteins, carbohydrates, iron, zinc, and calcium, etc. are all-powerful nutrients that help improve your skin’s health.

Final Word

Concluding, developing and maintaining a skincare routine is easy once you are able to find the right products according to your skin type. Apart from the diet and skincare routine, you should also engage in physical exercises that will keep the blood flowing and make you look way younger than your actual age.

Happy Father’s Day!

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