Cuticle Health And Why Its Important

Cuticles are the dead skin at the base of fingernails or toenails. They may seem useless but they have a good purpose. The cuticles are a sort of barrier between the base of your nails and infections. If this layer is removed, the nail bed will be exposed to fungus, germs and infection becomes possible.

Always take care of your cuticles because they keep your nails healthy, strong, shining and prevent infections. Its best not remove cuticles, but rather get them manicured.

Tips to Take Care of Cuticles

Below are some tips to take better care of your cuticle health.

1. Don’t Cut Them

Dermatologists recommend not cutting the cuticles because it will expose the nails to outside germs, fungus and bacteria. This can further lead to infections and serious nail diseases.

2. Go Orange

Instead of cutting them, you should take a wooden orange stick and push them back gently. If you start cutting them, they will grow harder and stiffer. You will see them cracking very often with cutting. Moreover, cutting them will make the cuticle grow faster.

3. Moisturize Them

Cuticles are composed of skin elements so should be treated the same way. Using moisturizers is a good way to take better care of cuticle health. This will keep them soft and moisturized. They will look better and protect your nails from infections.

4. Schedule Manicures with a Professional

Keeping a nail care schedule with a nail professional will keep your cuticles and nails healthy and easy to take care of.

5. Steer Clear of Drying Agents

One thing women ignore is that washing hands very often, cleaning dishes or doing other work at home damages your cuticles. Your cuticles can start to become dry and dead: we suggest using gloves to prevent damage to your cuticle’s health.

6. Avoid Biting Nails

Many doctors advise people to avoid putting their hands in their mouths, because the mouth is a dirty area with a lot of saliva that can break down cuticles and cause infections in your nails.

Step by Step Guide for Cuticle Care

Here is the step-by-step guide to take better care of your cuticles.

Step One: Remove Nail Polish

The first step is to get rid of nail polish and remove it completely from your nails.

Step Two: Apply Cuticle Remover

You should have a cuticle remover. It has a good number of benefits for cuticle health and keeps your nails smoother and stronger. Now you can use the cuticle remover with care to remove dead or broke cuticles.

Step Three: Push Cuticles Back

Keep your fingers in lukewarm water for few minutes. It will help soften the cuticles and remove any impurities. You can now start pushing them back gently and carefully.

Step Four: Moisturize Cuticles

Almond cuticle oil is a good option when it comes to moisturizers for cuticle health. Apply such moisturizers and keep the nails and cuticles in a better condition.

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