Cupping Therapy – Should You Do It?

Cupping therapy has been around for several decades now, but does it really work? Can a procedure like cupping therapy help with pains and problems in one’s body? Well, to find out more about cupping therapy and its benefits, keep on reading.

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is a very well-known technique, to improve blood flow, which was primarily introduced in China. It is a technique that involves putting cups on top of your skin, wherever you want or on a targeted area to be treated. The cups are placed in such a manner that it allows for suction. Once the skin is sucked in the cup, it is left there for some time, then removed. After the removal of the cup, the surrounding skin and the skin which was sucked under the cup may be red, which is completely normal. There are two different techniques by which the cup is suctioned onto the skin to make it stay put.

  1. Once the cup is placed on the skin, a heat source is used to create suction, which allows the skin to be sucked inside the cup. The heated cup, when placed against your skin, comes in contact with the cold surrounding air and it creates a subtle vacuum, which allows for suction.
  2. A suction device can be used to provide the right amount of suction to allow the cup to stay in place. This is a much more modern technique which is used to create a vacuum inside the cup. The suction device has different suction pressures, so it can be as low or as high as you want.

The amount of cups placed on your skin depends on how many areas on your body you want to target. Mostly, the cup placement is done around the chest, on the stomach, on the legs and hands, on the back, etc.

Benefits Of Cupping Therapy For Health And Skin

Here are some known benefits of cupping therapy.

1. Deep Tissue Repair

Cupping therapy is a deep tissue repair procedure, which is done by improving the blood circulation around the cupped area. The red area under the cup, after it has been removed, is the result of the blood vessels bursting under pressure. This allows for faster tissue and damage repair and it builds up the repair system in your body.

2. Lower Blood Flow

Cupping therapy is a great way to lower or increase the blood flow of an area. It can help with hemostasis as well. It stops the blood flow where the cup is placed, and when the cup is released, the blood flow initiates in its own new way, so it is a good way to manipulate and control the blood flow.

3. Pain Relief

Cupping therapy is used widely for pain relief purposes. Although it is unclear how cupping therapy specifically helps with pain, it has been shown in a lot of studies that people opt for cupping therapy if they are suffering from back, neck and lumbar pains.
Cupping therapy is gaining popularity in the US as it is a good non-medical and non-surgical treatment, which intrigues a lot of people’s interest and they are eager to get it done.

Cupping therapy is considered to be a deep healing process for the body and skin, which helps tissues to heal and the body to regenerate its strength and beauty.

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