Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Gone are the days when massage therapy was only available at high-end health clubs and spas. In present times, therapeutic massages are offered in hospitals, clinics, airports and even in businesses. It was reported that massage therapy industry generates $12 billion yearly in the US only. This might be surprising, but there are people who have never tried it.

Plenty of people are not aware of the benefits of massage therapy. This is why we have talked about benefits of the same in this write-up. Let’s have a look at the advantages of having a therapeutic massage.

Helps in Relaxation

One of the proven benefits of massage therapy is that it is relaxing. When your body is under stress and pressure, it releases a stress hormone, cortisol, in high quantity. This leads to sleeplessness, digestion problems, weight gain, and headaches. In a study, it was found that massage therapy reduces the levels of cortisol in your body. It sends your body into a recovery mode that promotes good health. Such therapy is useful for triggering the feelings of better mood and relaxation.

Improves Circulation

It is not only beneficial for a short period, it has long-term benefits. When you get massage therapy on regular basis, it improves the circulation of the blood. With the help of a therapy, you can supply blood to the damaged, tensed, and stiff muscles. It will help in speeding up the healing process. Additionally, massage therapy using hands-on pressure will supply blood to the congested areas. It is helpful in promoting the smooth flow of blood into the tissues. The twisting pulling and other techniques of the massage therapy are great for getting rid of the lactic acid from muscles tissues. This improves the circulation of lymph fluid. It is responsible for taking the metabolic waste away from the muscles and organs.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Another great benefit of massage therapy is that it helps in reducing the blood pressure. According to a study, it was shown that therapeutic massage decreases the level of blood pressure. The long-term benefit of therapy is that it can decrease both the upper and lower blood pressure. Moreover, it can decrease the trigger sources of depression, tension, and anxiety. The lower levels of blood pressure eliminate the risk of a heart attack, kidney failure, stroke and many other health conditions.

Therefore, therapeutic massages are perfect to be used along with standard medication. The studies on massage therapy show that it is great for reducing pain, muscle tension, and stress. There are many spas that offer this service, but not all of them are effective and reliable. We, at Currie Hair, Skin & Nails offer you wide variety of massage therapy. We have experienced and highly-skilled professionals who provide excellent services. We have equipped our facilities with the latest and advanced tools and gears. Our main goal is to provide exceptional beauty experience to all our valued customers. If you are looking for a massage therapy, contact us for more details.

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