6 Powerful Benefits Of Reiki Massage

The work Reiki originates from the Japanese language and the term ‘Rei’ means higher power and ‘Ki’ means life force of energy. It is also known as the healing touch. It is a practice of massage, (which dates back to centuries ago) through the touch of hands of the massage therapist whose healing properties are passed on to the patient. It is based on the principle that a person is surrounded by different energies or life force, when the surrounding energy weakens, the person experiences several mental, emotional and physical illnesses. Reiki helps to balance out energy, promotes relaxation and reduces stress. The benefits of Reiki Massage are as follows:

1. Reiki Reduces Stress and Promotes Relaxation

These days we are all dealing with stress due trying to create a balance between home and work. People who have experienced Reiki Massage felt more clear, relaxed, light, fresh and happier. This is done by enhancing your body’s natural healing abilities by providing a force energy and you tend to feel more revitalized.

2. It Helps to Bring A Balance and Harmony in Your Mental and Physical Well Being

Every day you are exposed to many things and people which leads to different emotions within you. Reiki helps to control your emotions, reduces your mood swings, helps to reduce anger and sadness and helps to bring an inner peace. It helps you to become stronger to deal with everyday stress and makes your mind clear and focused. It increases your mental clarity and also your emotional well being.

3. It Aids in The Healing Process

Reiki Massage has many benefits for many illnesses. It aids in the healing process of migraines, arthritis, sciatica, cervical pain, insomnia, severe headache asthma, menopause and many other diseases. It also helps to balance the blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels. It alleviates the healing process of all the diseases and reduces the side effects and withdrawal symptoms and also strengthens your immune system.

4. Helps to Detoxify

Reiki is known to assist in the detoxification process of the body and removes the wastes and toxins from the body. It does this by removing the bad energy from the body and promoting good energy which is the reason you feel strong, happy and relaxed.

5. It Aids in The Spiritual Cleaning Process

It helps to cleanse your whole body and soul and removes all sorts of bad thoughts and ideas. You see things from a whole new perspective and are able to take better decisions and more mature decisions in life.

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