Your Ultimate Holiday Season Beauty Checklist

Your Ultimate Holiday Season Beauty Checklist

It’s that time of the year again where you get to celebrate, unwind, see your family and friends and make tons of memories. The festival season has officially started with celebrations one after the other. But wait a minute! Have you prepared yourself for the festivals and celebrations? No? Now you can with our ultimate beauty guide which will take you through the holiday season smoothly and beautifully.

Spa Services

  • Get a relaxing glowing facial done. Make sure to add everything to make it your best pampering. Winter’s cold can be tough on the skin: fight the effects now!
    Forget shaving- visit the spa for hair removal services with results that last way longer!
  • Get a body massage to unwind your tension knots and reduce stress that inevitably shows up this time of year. This will also help to reduce and ease physical pain.
  • Your hands and feet are also very important: get a paraffin manicure and pedicure done. You’ll indulge yourself with the relaxing massage and help your skin’s health by getting your dead skin removed. Get acrylics done on your nails as they are long-lasting and really on trend in the upcoming season. Or try gel polish for a longer-lasting manicure: perfect for holiday travel!

Hair Services

  • Get a deep conditioning treatment to provide nutrients and health to your hair, plus you will love the feeling of getting pampered with the amazing scalp massage. The treatment will bring strength, shine and vitality to your hair.
  • Lighten up with some fresh highlights or make sure your roots are done by pre-booking your hair appointments!
  • Also, get your hair trimmed to smooth the ends and avoid split ends for the season.

At-Home Beauty Regimen

The festive season is almost for 3 months and at-home beauty/self-care is essential to keep the salon results lasting.


This is very important. Your skin is exposed to all sorts of chemicals, pollution, allergens and dust. Regular exfoliation will make your skin soft, smooth, glowing and remove all the dirt and dead skin. Invest in a good quality exfoliant and use it twice a week till the festive season.

Mask And Moisturize

Moisturizing your skin ensures its health and suppleness and locks in moisture. Also, apply a good quality mask once a week to make your skin shine. There are so many masks out there, sheet masks are great for packing for vacation and celebrations, and even foam and charcoal masks. You can apply before your event and have stunning skin all night long!

Hair Mask

Apply hair oil and a hot towel for the absorption of nutrients in the scalp and to make hair soft and healthy. Also, you can apply a good nourishing hair mask to keep your hair healthy despite the winter’s harsh cold.

Makeup Essentials

If you are spending the festive season somewhere else then make sure to pack all your makeup essentials. Apply light base and light matte or glossy lipstick with a light glowing blush and brown eyeliner. For the night and parties add some glitter eyeshadows and shimmery highlighters and dark lips. Do not forget your sunblock and heavy moisturizer as the season will get colder.
For more vibrancy and a radiant look, apply shimmery moisturizer on your skin and give a tanned and vibrant look. Your moisturizer is essential to make your skin soft and supple and also reduce the dryness due to the winter cold. Aloe Vera infused creams and moisturizers do wonders for your skin. Also, Vitamin C and E serums really repair your skin internally.

Once you have your beauty checklist under control, you are ready to rock and roll and celebrate with confidence in the festive season.

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