Why We Use Olive Oil in our Products: Carrello by Currie!

Curious what the benefits of olive oil are? We’ve got you covered!

1. It’s Great for Acne

Olive oil has really great anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce inflammation on your skin while removing bacteria which is causes acne. Products infused with olive oil, like the Carrello Face Wash, are perfect for sensitive skin and fighting these nasty bacterias. Starting a skin care routine in the teen years is a great way to have healthy skin your whole life through.

2. It’s Great for Hair Conditioning

Olive oil is said to be a great conditioner for your hair. It strengthens the roots of your hair while increasing it’s flexibility, which is why we’ve infused it in our Olive and Lavender Conditioner. The properties of olive oil in the conditioner provide a great shine, help reduce static and make the hair more manageable! Less knots? Yes! Hairstylists also recommend (especially for those with fragile or brittle hair) to use a weekly deep conditioning mask. Conditioning masks are like a super punch of moisture and nourishment for your hair. Get the best out of your conditioning mask by putting on your wet hair, putting your hair up in a towel and then leaving it for 30 minutes or even an hour. The longer it works: the better the results! The nourishing mask from Carrello uses the properties of olive oil to help restore and restructure hair that has been damaged by sun exposure, heat styling or pollution. Wash your hair, apply the conditioner and turn “The Bachelor” and let the magic work! Wash out after the “rose ceremony!”

3. It’s Great for Your Lips

Olive oil is highly moisturizing: which we all know our lips always need, especially during the harsh winter months! Keeping your lips protected and hydrated against the sun, the wind and cold is essential! You cannot forget your lips when establishing your skincare routine. Throw a Carrello lip balm in your purse and treat your lips daily!

4. Best Anti-Aging Agent

Aging is a natural process and sometimes results in those pesky wrinkles, but olive oil is considered to be a great anti-aging agent to help reduce wrinkles. Two of our skincare products are infused with olive oil just for this reason. The anti-aging cream helps to lift and smooth for more radiant skin that feels youthful and regenerated, plus fights those stubborn wrinkles! This cream works amazingly in conjunction with the gentle facial cleanser which soothes and nourishes. Washing your face in the morning and at night help to remove any impurities, daily dirt and dust, and keep your pores clean.
Also, olive oil contains Vitamin E with an antioxidant which can help keep your skin protected from the sun’s rays and other harsh environmental particles.

These are just a few of the many reasons why we knew we needed products that were infused with olive oil and thus Carrello by Currie was born! This natural ingredient creates beautiful results that we like to say are “kind as nature.”

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