Why do we carry tension in our physical body?

We are that you’ve woken up some days and noticed that your body is full of tension and it’s definitely not a great feeling. It can be a real challenge to deal with and remove that tension. Sometimes tension is needed in our body in order to keep us healthy: myscle tension is important for example.

But when tension transforms into stress and anxiety, that can be damaging for our body and mind. It ends up controlling our life in ways you would not imagine, and that alone can be a huge problem.

The reason why we have tension in our physical body

Tension is in our body and we are dealing with it every day. Just because it feels normal and natural doesn’t mean it’s good for us in any way. It’s a great idea to keep tension under control and find new better ways to relax and just have fun.

The most important aspect with tension is that it ends up controlling us if we don’t pay attention to it. What we want to do is to release tension and not have it accumulate unnaturally.

Emotions can lead to tension

Just like physical processes that generate tension, emotions can also lead to tension. A challenge that comes from emotions is that you can’t really control them. They can cause a sense of unwanted tension in your life and unless you know how to really manage them in a proper manner, that can be a very difficult thing to focus on.

Is it normal to have tension in our physical body? Yes, and there are challenges along the way as you try to eliminate tension, We have to realize that tension is something normal and everyone has that in their body. It can be what drives us onwards and pushes us to reach that next level in our health and drive.

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