Who Invented The Blow-dryer?

The blow-dryer was initially invented by Alexandra Godefroy in France in 1890 when people felt the extreme need for something that could help them dry their hair.
For centuries, people had been using different methods, such as the vacuum cleaner hose, before the hairdryer was invented. Alexandra Godefroy ran a salon and came up with an idea of blowdryer for his clients.
It did not look like the hairdryer that we use now instead it was a big machine that a person has to sit under keeping their head tucked underneath the dryer head- there are still dryers used in salons today. It was not handheld, but fixed with a bonnet that was attached to chimney pipe of the gas stove.

Earlier Versions

Soon after two to three decades, people started to look for a portable or a handheld hairdryer that was user friendly and safe. In 1915, some companies succeeded in introducing a handheld hairdryer but it was still very heavy making it difficult to use. These handheld hairdryers also had a power usage problem, being limited to only 100 watts, which resulted in them taking way too long to dry a person’s hair. Most hairdryers we use today take around 2000 watts to dry our hair, on average.
About five years after this invention people came up with the idea of using plastic material for hairdryers to make them lightweight and easy to use. The main focus was still on power usage to improve the efficiency of hairdryers. A few more developments were also made during this period where the material and superficial exterior of overall hairdryers was changed: however, the mechanism of the hairdryer was still the same as introduced by Alexandra Godefroy in 1890.

1950s – Light Weight Hairdryers

After many efforts, hairdryer companies came up with much developed version of hairdryers in the early 1950s. These hairdryers were comparatively lightweight handheld devices in which a tube was connected with bonnet that was worn on the head. The mechanism worked in a similar way by flowing air through tubes into the bonnet through holes providing even heat, but still these devices used a maximum 300 watts of power which was still very low for a quick process.

1960s – More Power

Finally, in 1960, new hairdryers with better electrical motors and power usage were introduced that were lightweight making them easier to use. One important change in the invention was that the motor was kept inside the body of hairdryer which largely helped in making these devices portable and user-friendly. You can say all the advancements in hairdryers were possible due to the electric motors used in those devices and these hairdryers were capable of producing up to 500 watts of heat.

1990s – Invention of Modern Hairdryers

Dangerous risks associated with hairdryers made the Consumer Products Safety Commission take some necessary precautions and manufacturers were given a warning notice to follow more safety methods. This warning caused new developments to begin during the 1990s. This is when modern hairdryers were introduced with temperature cutoff switches and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. These devices were very lightweight with a capability of producing up to 2000 watts of power. These advancements made the hairdryers safer to use and more efficient in getting hair dried quickly!

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