What To Know About Reflexology Pedicure

What To Know About Reflexology Pedicure

You’ve probably heard about reflexology as something you get done at a spa: but do know what its really all about? There are some specific reflex points in our feet which when exerting pressure directly affect some of our main organs like the heart, brain, and stomach, to name a few. A reflexology pedicure is the practice of putting pressure in many different ways on those points. This treatment is for your entire body from tip to toe and not just relaxing your feet. For instance, the major benefits include cleansing of entire body toxins, balancing out energy levels, improving blood flow throughout the body parts and boosting of immune system.

How It Works?

Reflexes are actually those specific points on our feet on which when exerting pressure directs signals throughout the body and therefore releases positive chemicals known as endorphins. This whole process is known as reflexology and those points are on the feet, hence we named it as a reflexology pedicure. This treatment is of great help in reducing pain, stress, toxins and improving blood supply while relaxing inflammation. Pressure is exerted by either pulling out your toes, pushing deeply into the arch, rubbing in a specific direction, tracing around the heel or rolling soft and heavy foam type balls in particular patterns.

What are the Benefits?

This therapy largely helps to relax your all body parts regardless of your age and any other health concerns. In fact, if you get some bloating or swelling in some regions of your body after reflexology pedicure then it is clear sign of bodily imbalances or weakness in corresponding organs. You can help many of your health problems through reflexology pedicure from migraines to other headaches to stomach issues or any other body pain or discomfort. This method is a great source of boosting your energy as it clears blockages in the energy channels of your body by improving blood flow.

You will be surprised to know that there are thousands of nerves in our feet and remembering the use of each nerve for any organ is actually very difficult. Reflexology pedicure is therefore performed by professional therapists who use a map to locate particular nerves for corresponding organs. They should be certified and must understand the highpoints to the corresponding pressure points. It is very interesting that our feet are actually carrying so many nerves which are directly related to almost our entire body.
Conclusively, reflexology pedicures greatly help with different health conditions like sinuses, arthritis, stomach or heart issues and even it has shown assistance in fertility issues in both men and women. Remember investing in you is never a waste and if it is reflexology then there should never be a second thought. It is an investment in your health and wellbeing: give it a try and book your reflexology appointment today!

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