What Is Vitamin A And Why Do We Find It In Our Skincare?

What Is Vitamin A?

Vitamin ‘A’ or retinol is a nutritional organic compound. It mainly includes retinoic acid, retinal and several other derivatives of vitamin A. It is a necessary vitamin for growth, development and good skin. It is usually found in animal liver, cod liver oil, salmon, butter, eggs, kale, carrots, raw spinach, mangoes, watermelon, apricot, passion fruit and the list goes on.

How is Vitamin A Good for Your Skin?

To help your skin look its absolute best vitamin A is crucial in your daily skincare regime. Many skincare products use vitamin A because of its amazing skin benefits. It keeps your skin healthy, glowing and radiant. Not to mention, it is also a great anti-aging substance. Some of the many skin benefits of vitamin A are:

1. It’s Nature’s Sunscreen

You heard it right. Eating foods rich in vitamin A have anti-oxidant properties. They fight free radicals and protect your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays. They prevent hyper-pigmentation and redness caused by long exposure to the sun.

2. Anti-Aging Properties

Vitamin A fights against free radicals: the main source of fine lines and wrinkles. Free radicals tend to reduce the collagen in your skin, making it sag and wrinkle over time. Vitamin A has beta-carotene in it, which retains the skin’s natural elasticity and prevents aging of the skin. Vitamin A is the best remedy for protection against aging caused by the sun and its exposure.

3. Healthy Cell Production

Vitamin A, more specifically, retinol or retinal promotes healthy cell growth and cell turnover. It develops the skin tissue and prevents weakening of the skin. Reduced cell growth can lead to weak and dull skin, which could age and sag over time, so it is highly recommended to consume vitamin A rich foods.

4. It’s a Great Disinfectant for the Skin

Vitamin A is an amazing complexion booster. It helps to protect the skin against various infections. It strengthens the skin. It is almost an immune boosting agent for your skin. It prevents your skin from getting red or irritated from several pollutants.

5. Acne Healer

Retinoids in vitamin A are anti-inflammatory and reduce redness and swelling on the skin. It is a very helpful treatment for acne. It buffs off the dead skin layer and unclogs your pores to let your skin breathe and ultimately heal the redness and bumps. It also helps with dryness, itching and burning of the skin. It gently peels off the old layers of the skin to allow the healthy layer underneath to emerge.

6. Moisturizing Properties

Vitamin A is nature’s natural moisturizer. It leaves the skin feeling plump, radiant and glowing. Topical creams having vitamin A in them help to achieve smoother and glowing skin.

7. Prevents Future Breakouts

Vitamin A helps to prevent future breakouts on the skin. Breakouts happen due to clogged pores, dirty pores and congested skin. Vitamin A helps to make your skin immune to such possibilities and prevents your skin from forming pimples and bumps.

8. Prevents Skin Infections

Vitamin A helps to prevent rosacea and other skin infections. It prevents the symptoms of rosacea from occurring. It does so by making your skin immune and allowing it to be stronger against the pollutants and disinfectants.

9. Natural Exfoliator

Vitamin A is a natural chemical exfoliator. Chemical exfoliators are those skin buffing agents which remove the dead layers of skin by a mild acid. Retinoic acid is amazing for the skin. It buffs away the dead skin cells, regenerates new cell production and gives you healthy and glowing skin. Many chemical skin exfoliators use retinoic acid as the chemical which buffs away the dead skin cells.

10. Hydrating Agent

Vitamin A helps to keep the skin looking hydrated and replenished. It promotes a healthier skin membrane, which leads to your skin being hydrated and plump.

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