What Is Threading And Why Should I Try It?

What Is It?

Threading is a simple and very popular method of removing unwanted hair with the help of cotton threads. Perhaps you’ve seen it done, but never tried it yourself? We’ve got reasons why you need to try it:

1. It’s all about accuracy

Threading provides accurate results compared to other hair removal methods because you can leave or remove one single hair wherever you want. This technique is known for creating precise brows for sharp distinct results. Not only does it remove those obvious pesky hairs, but the light hard to see hairs that make routine hair removal more frequent.

2. It Is Chemical Free

Another important reason for choosing threading is that it is completely chemical free. Sometimes waxing services can be effected by medications being taken and threading offers an alternative to avoid any issues. It’s simply an amazing esthetician and her thread creating beautiful results! Before receiving any waxing services it’s important to inform your esthetician of any medications you may be taking and often this eliminates the possibility of waxing. Threading is the answer!

3. Its Effect Lasts Longer

It’s been said that the results of threading can last longer than waxing results. Constantly on the go or traveling all the time: want to wait longer between brow visits? Depending on your hair growth, threading might be the way to extend your “in-between” time. Some are able to go 6 to 7 weeks between brow visits: perfect for the busy professional on the go!

4. It is Best Option for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin: threading is a great option for you. Without any chemicals, or lasers, the skin is not disrupted by outside sources. If in the past you’ve experienced reactions to waxing treatments or tried laser and realized its not for you, threading is great alternative. Those who struggle with sensitive skin know how hard it can be to find treatments that work: we suggest giving threading the old college try!

5. It’s an Art-form

Finding the right threading specialist is key! Threading is an esthetics art-form creating beautifully precise brows that make an impact! Of course, threading can also be used to remove other facial hair on the lip, chin, cheeks and face sides as well. Finding an expert in the field will leave you hair-free and with brows that make a statement!

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