What Is Self-Care And Why Should We Be Doing It?

What is self-care?

Self-care is anything that enhances your mental and physical health. In the race of life, people have stopped taking care of themselves, forgetting to take time to focus on their personal well-being. No matter how tough your daily routine is, you should take some time out for yourself and practice self-care.
Self-care has numerous benefits for our emotions, physical appearance and health. The one you should love unconditionally before anyone else is: yourself. Self-care helps you love both your inner and outer beauty.
Many people wonder why self-care is so important. Well, here is why we all should be doing it:

Benefits of Self-Care

1. A Bath Makes You Forget Your Worries

When was the last time you fill the tub with nice hot water, put in some bath salts and just allowed yourself time to unwind? A bath helps us forget all of the stress and decompress from the stress/triggers of daily life. Adding a bath one or two times a week will help to reduce stress and increase calm!
All you have to do is: dim the lights, fill the bathtub with warm water, light a few candles, pick a bath bomb, grab your favorite book, put on your earphones and play some music. Spend some time in there until you feel your skin renewed completely and your mind relaxed and tranquil. This thirty minutes or so of peace and quiet will make a world of difference in your day.

2. A Monthly Facial Keeps your Skin Healthy and Happy

After an entire month of hard work and a busy routine: who doesn’t deserve a soothing facial? Facials not only benefit your skin, but require you to take time for yourself and relax for at least an hour! No cell phone, no conversation: just peace and quiet.
With a quality facial your face will exfoliated removing dead skin and particles leaving your skin smooth and glowing. Your esthetician will use products that best treat your skin’s needs, which can also be something that is causing daily stress! If your struggling with adult acne or breakouts: your personal peace is most likely disrupted. When your confident on the outside you feel better on the inside. A facial is a great way to combine these two!

3. Beautiful Hair Raises Our Confidence

With all the exposure your hair has to UV rays, air pollutants and more it can cause it to be unhealthy. Frizziness, hair loss and flyaways can make us stressed out in the morning when trying to get ready for your busy day ahead! Your hair needs tender love and care: just like you do! Getting your hair trimmed regularly to prevent split ends or totally transforming your color or cut can make a world of impact on your hair’s health and on your self-confidence. Plus using quality home-care products to keep your look maintained and your hair healthy are key. Plus who doesn’t love an amazing hair mask that leaves your hair feeling like a shampoo commercial?

4. Manis and Pedis are Fun and Beneficial

Getting a manicure and pedicure is great way to relax, treat yourself and take care of yourself! Plus its even more fun when you go with a friend or group! Enjoy a tranquil quiet time while soaking in the pedicure allowing all your stress to fade away or bring a group of girlfriends to laugh and chat with!
Apart from mental health benefits, manicure and pedicures keep your nails and cuticles healthy and tidy. We are constantly rough on our hands and feet: we cannot forget they need attention too! Plus their maintenance is also fun: best of both worlds!

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