What Are The Winter Weather Effects On Hair And How To Avoid Them

What Are The Winter Weather Effects On Hair And How To Avoid Them

The cool crisp air, falling leaves, changing colors, cinnamon lattes, and pumpkins everywhere signify the arrival of fall. The cozy and comfortable ambiance of the fall drifts us slowly into the winter season. Though winters are the most beloved season of the year, due to the festivities it brings, beauty-wise this season is the harshest of all. The cold, dry winter air removes moisture from our skin and hair, which can be hard to replenish, but never fear we have the solutions!

1. Protein Masks

Basic hair health matters most in fighting seasonal changes. Masks rich in protein can be your best companions this winter to satiate your hungry manes.
Choose one that suits your hair type and use about twice a week for optimum results. Leave in for a few hours and shampoo afterward. Your hair will be soft, shiny, and smooth.

2. Try Hair Oils

Hair oils work magic and there are many oils to choose from that are infused with natural oils, such as: olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, prickly pear, argan oil, etc. Sample test some oil on your hair and decide which one suits you best. Before sleeping, apply the oil throughout your hair and leave it overnight. Your hair will regain its lost moisture while you sleep peacefully. The next morning shampoo your hair and feel the noticeable difference.

3. Use Moisturizing Serums

Right after you wash your hair and your hair is damp treat it with a nourishing hair serum. This way, your hair damage will be minimized with the added benefit of easier styling. Hair oils keep the scalp conditioned, whereas serums treat the surface.

4. Line Your Hats And Scarves

When we remove our hats or scarfs in winter it usually pulls on our hair to avoid this unnecessary drama, line your hats or scarves with silk or satin lining, which will significantly reduce hair frizz.

5. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Split ends are inevitable and they worsen with dry weather. We usually visit our hairdresser every 6-8 weeks to refresh our haircut, but winter makes it possible to visit every four weeks. You can ask your hairstylist to give you a dusting trim instead of a regular trim to counter the weather’s effects.

6. Fix The Static

Static is the number one hair enemy. No matter what you do to protect your hair against the weather, static will remain impervious. To tackle this problem, use anti-static hair sprays or moisturizing hair sprays. Just before stepping out of your car, spray some on your hair and comb down those pesky frizzy hairs.

These were just a few of our basic tried and tested tips to keep your hair protected from the unsympathetic winters. Just don’t forget keep you hair and body hydrated for happy healthy hair!

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