What Are The Long Term Effects Of Sunburns On Skin?

Sunblock is really important during the summer days when you are heading outside and would have to bear the blazing Sunlight on your skin. If you won’t apply any sunblock to your skin then you are likely to get a sunburn especially when you are along the poolside or at a beach. Below are mentioned the long-term effects that can be caused by sunburn, but its important to remember that you can get sunburnt any time of the year. Protecting your skin whenever you go outside is essential!

Long-Term Effects

1. Your DNA Gets Damaged

Long term effects of sunburn can have negative effects on your DNA. The heat could damage the DNA of your skin present in the deeper levels. That is why it is necessary to protect yourself by applying lots of sunscreen in order to save your skin from harsh reactions.

2. Can Cause Premature Aging and Wrinkling

Long term sunburn can cause your skin to become saggy, wrinkled and look older even in your teen years. The harmful UV rays damage the elastic tissues and collagen in your skin which causes aging and fragility. It can also cause blackheads or white cysts around your cheeks.

3. Can Cause Damage To Your Eyes

You could suffer from various eye diseases because sunburn damages the corneas and lenses of the eyes. Diseases that can be caused are: macular degeneration, cataracts or even loss of the vision.

4. Can Lead to Skin Cancer

Damaged DNA caused by sunburns results in skin cancers and especially is the areas that are exposed to the sun very often such as; lips, ears, neck, face, arms, scalp, legs and hands. If you have ever experienced blistering sunburn in your childhood then your chances to have skin cancer “Melanoma” are doubled. You should immediately see a doctor if you notice any unusual blisters, lesions, patches, sore or rough textures in your skin.

5. Skin Lesions

Some precancerous skin lesions show up as a long-term sunburn effects which can later develop a cancer. These lesions might appear as: scaly patches in the burnt areas, rough skin, whitish, tan, pink or brown patches or spots on the skin known as Solar Keratosis.

6. Heat Stroke

Initially, heat exhaustion occurs but if it is not treated well then it can lead to heat stroke. Sometimes heat stroke can be life threatening. You could feel your whole body burning and your body temperature rise up too quickly within minutes.


Long term sunburn can cause serious damage to you and your skin. Prevent yourself from getting threats from sunburn by:
1. Covering yourself up when going out in scorching heat.
2. Applying lots of high-quality sunblock to the parts that are most exposed to the sun.
3. Strictly avoid tanning beds and sun tanning
4. Try not to expose yourself to the sun between the peak times of heat, such as: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
5. Wear good quality sunglasses which would protect your eyes from being damaged by the harmful UV rays.

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