Wax Versus Shaving – Why You Should Always Wax

Waxing versus shaving is the Star Wars versus Star Trek for women’s self-care discussions. You will find endless debates on the topic with every side wholly convinced of their righteous stance. The reason for such passion is that the difference between these two styles of personal grooming is like the difference between coffee and tea. Both have their merits, and we have written this post to compare these two styles in detail.

1. Durability

Hair removal, such as waxing, takes the hair follicle out from the root. So the hair will take easily three weeks just to come out of the roots. The hair follicles will not be visible for easily a month. As shaving only takes out the outer hair and that also through cutting; the hair grows back much faster. The hair is visible in well within 2-3 days or a week at most.

2. Time

Waxing takes much less time because shaving requires cream and razor maintenance on the skin. Waxing simply requires running the wax through the skin. The repetition is also a considerable factor. Shaving needs to be done every three or four days, but waxing can be done once in three weeks. The hair will take much less time to grow back in shaving as compared with waxing.

3. Hair Reduction

Waxing naturally reduces the hair over time. As the hair is taken from the root, it grows out weaker every time. It also grows out lighter because the hair growth is reduced. If a person regularly waxes over the years; the quality of hair growth will reduce, and the hair appearance will become visibly milder. As the shaving process cuts out the hair; the hair will grow back and come out stronger. That is why, when a person shaves, they have to follow up regularly and thoroughly within a week. A person who waxes is free of responsibility for easily a few weeks.

4. Skin

The skin becomes much softer after waxing. As the wax takes off the hair follicle entirely, the skin becomes completely soft and smooth. The texture of the skin remains silky smooth for easily weeks. In case of shaving, hair grows back in a few days, and the skin becomes prickly. That effect is commonly known as ‘prickly skin.’ Even when the hair grows back in waxing; it is usually soft and weak. It does not have the same strong pointy edge as the usual post- shave growth.

5. Hygiene

Shaving is a nightmare for a skin- care hygiene. The razor needs to be maintained as sterilized. If you cut yourself, then the wound needs to be taken care of as well. Waxing is hugely hygienic because you are not using any sharp instruments at all and there are no cuts to worry about.

We hope to have made a good case for waxing and waxing is undoubtedly superior to shaving. The results of waxing are the best advocate for our cause. Try it out!

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