Should you be using Hair Masks?

Should you be using Hair Masks?

Your hair is an important part of your personality and confidence. Beautiful, silky, lustrous and shiny hair will make you feel more beautiful and confident. The weather takes a toll on your hair: in summer your hair is subjected to extreme heat and sweat; while the cold winters make your hair dry and rough. Hair is also affected by your diet, stress level, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, workload, and hair-care routine.

What To Do When Your Hair Is Prone To A Lot Of Damage?

It’s time to make your hair healthy, shiny and prevent further damage. Hair masks are the best solution for damaged hair. It makes your hair healthy, thick, shiny and beautiful. The best part of hair masks is that they come for all types of hair, so you can choose according to your type whether your hair is rough and dry, thin and flat, extremely damaged, color treated or needs intensive care, you will find the required type easily.

Benefits of Hair Masks

1. Hair masks penetrate inside the cuticle of your hair and make your hair shaft stronger.
2. It makes your hair silky and shiny.
3. Hair masks make your hair tangle free and easy to manage.
4. If you have thin and flat hair then you should apply hair masks on the ends of your hair to make it fuller and thicker.
5. Hair masks make your hair healthier and fuller.
6. Applying a hair mask once a week gives a new life and shine to your dull hair.
7. Hair masks provide your hair with the necessary proteins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Hair masks are food for your hair.
8. Heat activates the beneficial nutrients in the hair masks causing them to work faster and more properly on your hair.
9. Hair masks also prevent dandruff and dry and itchy scalp as it provides moisture to your scalp and roots of your hair.
10. Hair masks add a protective layer to your hair, roots and ends and prevents further damage and brittle hair and split ends.

How To Use Hair Masks

You should use hair masks once a week for proper nourishment of your hair. First, see the type of hair you have and then choose the hair mask according to your hair type. Shampoo your hair with warm water and then towel dry. Warm water will open the cuticle so the hair mask can easily penetrate inside and do its work.
Apply from the roots to the ends of your whole hair. Comb your hair afterward for even application. Heat with a hair dryer or cover with a hot towel or hot cap to provide further nourishment and strength to your hair. You can keep the hair mask on for as long as you want: you can apply it for overnight or wash it off in an hour.
Now, rinse with warm water and then splash cold water, on the end, to close the cuticles and retain the nutrients from the hair mask.

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