Threading- The Alternative Hair Removal You’ve Been Looking For

Those of you who are in the lookout for smooth and clear skin without the roughness of unwanted facial hair, there is an alternative option in hair removal right here at Currie Hair, Skin and Nails in Glen Mills, PA and Wilmington, DE!

Threading is slowly but surely gaining popularity for hair removal purposes. Be it for eyebrow shaping or getting rid of those unpleasant upper lips hairs, threading is an awesome remedy. For the uninitiated, threading is simply a natural means of hair removal that involves a thread made of 100% cotton. With the help of two long pieces of thread that are entwined, the unwanted facial hair can be caught in between the threads and with a single swift movement be extracted. The process is smooth and even artistic to witness. The removal of the unwanted hair is done from the root of the follicle and leaves the skin feeling smooth and clear.

Why try threading? It is gentle on the skin not causing inflammation, in most cases. Even though it is the uprooting of hair, there is no damage to the skin and people suffering from acne or skin conditions can also try it without the worry of side effects. If you are sensitive to artificial fragrances, resins, or dyes, threading is best suited for your sensitive skin!

Besides being safe, it is also a quick resulting process; for eyebrow threading especially, it also allows a person to get the perfect shape that you would like to sport in a short amount of time. Another reason why the process is gaining such popularity is because the results of threading last much longer than any other method of hair removal. If one seeks to get their eyebrows in shape, threading will ensure they are sorted for at least 3 to 4 weeks on an average. This, of course, is an estimate for a person with average hair growth.

It is no wonder why anyone would not want to try threading since it is laden with benefits. Make your appointment now by calling to speak with a salon coordinator or scheduling through our easy-to-use online booking!

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