The Interesting History Of Redken

If you regularly visit hair salons you may be familiar with the name Redken. All Currie Hair, Skin and Nail locations are proud to use Redken color and carry their amazing haircare products! They are famous for their hair care products, especially in the professional hair salon circles.

An American hair care brand, it is a subsidiary of L’Oreal Group, controlled by their Professional Products division. With a huge line of products ranging from hair care to hair styling and and hair color, they offer just about everything to keep your hair looking great.

We are here to find out how Redken came into being and how it got to be where it is today.

So, let’s begin!

1. The Foundation

The brand was founded and established in 1960 when Paula Kent and Jheri Redding developed the “Scientific Approach to Beauty.” Redding was a chemist who used to develop low pH hair products for Paula Kent’s sensitive hair.

Kent, who was also an actress and a model at the time, liked Jheri Redding’s scientific approach and decided to partner with him to form Redken.

2. The Road of Redken’s Popularity

The company’s revolutionary hair products were an instant hit with the professional salon businesses. In fact, the company was growing so fast that by 1965 Paula Kent was able to buy out Jheri’s share and become the sole owner of Redken.

The company started growing very quickly under the leadership of Paula Kent and by 1966 had crossed the $1.5 million sales mark.

By 1968 the company was becoming hugely popular in the professional circles and needed an icon of the industry to represent the brand. Redken then decided to reach out to Vidal Sassoon, a British American hairstylist, famous at that time for popularizing the Bob cut look.

Vidal accepted to represent Redken and toured for the company.

3. Redken Went Public

After Vidal’s influence, Redken saw an unbelievable rise in its business and popularity. It grew so big that Paula decided to take Redken public. And it became a reality by 1971. Kent retained 52% of the company’s shares and went public with the rest. The very next year Paula Kent became the CEO and Chairman of Redken while the presidential responsibilities were handed over to John Meehan. The company held its first symposium a few years down the line in 1974. The Currie team is excited to send several members to the Symposium in Las Vegas in January 2019!

4. More Fame

With the arrival of 1977, Paula had completely embraced the role of a successful business woman and was named among the “100 Top Corporate Women” by Business Week. In 1980, Redken became an international brand and launched in 13 countries.

5. Back to Private Ownership

The Meehans, John and Paula, reclaimed the company from the public sector for a huge sum of almost US $50 million, bringing it back into private ownership. And by 1992 Paula Kent made the list as one of the “Eight Most Powerful Woman Business Owners” by Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine.

6. L’Oreal Acquired Redken

With its annual sales breaking US $160 million, Redken had reached its greatest heights and attracted the attention of L’Oreal. L’Oreal then purchased Redken and the rest is history.
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