Why Teens Should Start A Skincare And Facial Routine?

Teen years are the time when girls and boys have a lot to worry about. They are in their developing stage and they experience a range of feelings and emotions. Their body is going through a lot of natural and hormonal changes which cause pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and facial hair on the skin. Teen years are the perfect time to start a skincare and a facial routine.

Benefits of Starting A Skincare Regime in Teenage

1. Skincare regime can be started at any age or time. Age is not a measure of skincare routine. In fact, dermatologists and cosmetologists say that skincare and facial routines should be started as early as your teen years.
2. Many theorists and researchers say that the earlier you start taking care of your skin and follow a proper skin care regime, the later you will get wrinkles on your skin. So, a healthy skin care routine will actually delay the occurrence of wrinkles and prevent premature wrinkles.
3. A proper skincare routine will act as a confidence booster. The teenage years are the years of hormonal imbalances. Your body is going through certain natural changes which you will face difficulty in accepting. One such change is pimples, facial hair, blackheads, and whiteheads. All these things will decrease your confidence in your teenager when they go out with friends or in family gatherings. Teens will begin to lose their confidence because they will feel they do not look attractive because of pimples or other natural occurrences. A facial and skincare routine will cleanse the impurities and make them look fresh and radiant thus increasing their self-esteem again.
4. Following a skin routine regularly will give your teens a soft, plump, youthful, fresh, glowing and healthy skin.
5. Teenagers have a lot of stress to deal with such as exam pressure, emotional issues with friends, body changes due to growing up, physical and mental changes in their thinking and body and mood swings. Amidst all these things a beautiful and healthy skin acts as a confidence booster and reduces their stress. They will love themselves and feel relaxed when they will see their beautiful reflection in the mirror.
6. Healthy habits always stay till the end of life when developed at a younger age. If teenagers follow a complete and proper facial and skincare routine then they will take care of their skin till they are old and the time spent on their skin in the initial years will pay off in the end.
7. Teenage skin is exposed to all kinds if pollution while they go to school, are out in the sun and sweat or in the cold snow, interact with all kinds of other children and many types of germs and pollutants. So a proper skin care routine, which includes cleansing, scrubbing, toning, and moisturizing is extremely important to cleanse the skin of the dirt and pollutants.

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