Spring Health Reset

Have the winter blues left you feeling dull, unmotivated, gloomy and disheartened? The long nights seem to go on, and the absence of sunshine unknowingly puts your mood on a downward spiral even when the day arises.

However, with the advent of spring, the murky atmosphere left behind by winter is wholly sucked up. The sun shines the brightest, the flowers are at an all-time bloom, the air is more pleasant than ever, and the sheer radiance of nature is amazing. This is the prime reason why springtime is labeled as the season of renewal and regeneration. What better time to brush off those tiring winter weights and hit “RESET”? Spring serves as the prime time to bring about a switch in your lifestyle. It brings forth a chance to detoxify all the negativity and stimulate a healthy and happy life.

A complete mind and body RESET can remove all sluggish behavior, stimulate energy levels and boost the immune system. Moreover, it reduces weight and helps your body eliminate all detrimental substances. The purpose of a reset is to make you generally feel more active and upgrade your body’s detoxifying organs so that they may function better.

It is important to note that a RESET does not have to be an arduous task. It could just be as small as increasing your water intake daily. Here we have compiled a list of ways to motivate you for a healthy spring reset.

Get In The Habit Of Moving Daily:

The laziness imprinted on us due to the monotone winter months will leave a mark if no action is taken. Springtime is the perfect occasion to kick out these habits that weigh you down. Moving does not have to be complex workouts or excessive gym visits. Instead, you can opt for manageable tasks like taking a quick 15-minute walk twice a day. You can even indulge in a moderate exercise like jumping rope or jogging. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule that moving is only walking and jogging. If there are any hobbies that you enjoy doing that do not require sitting, you should go for them. It could be dancing, cycling, swimming and even gardening. Such measures help boost your metabolism, decrease stress levels and get you into the summer body you dream of.

Start Eating Healthy:

You should start eliminating processed foods, alcohol, items with added sugar, and junk food from your grocery checklist for this spring reset. Instead, fill up your cart with whole foods, organic items and loads of fruits and vegetables. While standing at the vegetable aisle, make sure you choose a wide variety of colorful vegetables rather than only the green ones. This makes the meal look more alluring and offers an extensive range of phytonutrients. Vegetables and fruits boost your immunity, support muscle growth, help in improving your skin, teeth, and eyes, and help you live longer. Ultimately this change in your eating habits will prove a fruitful healthy reset.

Increase Your Water Intake:

Starting your day with a jug of water assists your body in releasing toxins. Suppose you top that up by squeezing a lemon in the water regularly. In that case, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced hydration, increased Vitamin C and improved digestion. Water is a principal supplier of healthy weight loss and is vital for a nutritional reset. Our body consists of 60% water. Hence, it is integral that we intake enough water to maintain that proportion and help our organs that assist bodily functions in performing well.

Meditate Regularly:

With the atmosphere conquered by gusts of pleasant winds and flowers blooming in every direction, sitting in your garden or a place surrounded by nature to meditate is one of the most relaxing remedies to reset your mind and body. It takes the least amount of effort to get into the practice of meditating. It will leave you feeling relaxed and bring about an instant boost in your overall mood. Meditating for just 15 minutes every day can help you relieve loads of stress and make it probable to claim a healthy reset.

Sleep Well:

Sleeping for 7 to 9 hours per day can do wonders for your body and plays a crucial role in a healthy reset. When we are sleeping, our body produces white blood cells that help the body heal quickly. Getting adequate sleep enables our body to recharge and allows for a more positive start to the day.

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