A Simple Guide To Balayage And Hair Painting


The word ‘Balayage’ literally means ‘to sweep’ and this new hair trend is currently sweeping the nation in salons everywhere! You can find balayage inspiration all over Instagram and Pinterest: as guests are loving the results from this exciting new technique! The technique of Balayage was invented by French colorists in the 70s. Aside from typical highlighting methods, such as usage of foils and cap techniques, balayage is done freehand for a natural sun-kissed result!

Why Balayage?

Balayage is a type of hair painting method which goes well with all sorts of hair lengths as well as hair colors. If you have long hair, a short style or even a pixie haircut, Balayage can be applied on your hair. Also, Balayage is not restricted to blondes. Brunettes, redheads, gingers – everyone can benefit from Balayage: the end results of Balayage is natural and more colorful, for a sun-kissed result! A Balayage treatment, is performed on thin ribbon like sections. Subtle results are obtained after open air processing (with the help of either cotton or plastic film) with one expecting up to seven layers of lift for results you will love!

Things to Know Before Getting a Balayage

Balayage is a carefully crafted art, one which requires additional preparation before its execution. Balayage highlights take pride in being low maintenance! The darker your hair, the more time it may take to reach the desired Balayage results. So be mindful that you may be asked to come to a salon for multiple sessions to achieve your desired look.

The Procedure of Balayage

As stated earlier, Balayage is a freehand technique and this means that color will be applied with a brush and without the use of foils. Balayage is an intricate technique, therefore its imperative to find a stylist that specializes in the technique, like the designers at Currie Hair, Skin and Nails. Consult with the balayage expert to have clear goals and expectations for your new look. Don’t forget to bring inspirational photos, which can help serve as guidance for your new look!

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