Reveal Younger Looking Skin with Microdermabrasion

Reveal Younger Looking Skin with Microdermabrasion

Our skin ages. That is a simple fact but still a very hard one to come on terms with. As much as we try to prevent it, it is happening. Of course, we can slow down the process with the right beauty products, diet, and lifestyle. Yet, the aging process is inevitable, and it will get the better of you at some point. Or will it? The Microdermabrasion procedures will come to your rescue.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a type of facial procedure that is non-chemical and non-invasive. What that means is that it uses no harmful chemicals and it is fairly gentle, as it deals with only the top layer of skin. Its main goal is to help you fight with the aging of your skin by reducing wrinkles and removing aging spots. Yet, it also helps a lot with skin, damaged from sunburn or acne.

Is Microdermabrasion the right answer for me?

Microdermabrasion is a mild facial procedure that can really help people with various skin problems. Undergoing the procedure is safe and quick. This makes it an easy answer for a lot of healthy people. To stay on the safe side, consulting a dermatologist is a good idea. That way before you undergo the procedure your skin type and health will be taken into consideration by a specialist. Depending on the specific problem you need to work on, you will be advised how many times and how often you can get this procedure done.

How does it work?

The basic principle behind this procedure is that it removes the upper layer of dead skin cells. This is usually done in two separate steps. First your skin gets exfoliated with the help of a spray of micro crystals. After that, the dead skin layer gets stripped away. That happens with the help of a special machine that sucks the dead layer away. What is left is a younger looking and healthier layer of skin. The new layer is rich in collagen and elastin, which will only contribute to you looking even more stunning and young at the end. To add to that exfoliating procedures like that are great because they reinforce blood flow.

The whole procedure takes a little over an hour, and it is usually performed once a month. In the case of a more serious damage on the skin or for a faster and deeper effect against aging, procedures can also be done once in every two weeks. On top of that Microdermabrasion is basically painless and it is a great solution for both men and women.

Microdermabrasion vs. Dermabrasion

While they might sound similar, these two procedures differ a lot, and you should not mix them up.

Dermabrasion is a more invasive version of Microdermabrasion. It removes not only the dead skin cells from the upper layer, but goes deeper and removes parts of the skin that are still alive. Because of that, it classifies as a surgical procedure. That, of course, means that the recovery period is much longer. It usually averages at 10 days, but it can take up to two full weeks. To add to that, since Dermabrasion is more painful it requires anesthesia. What’s more, because it removes cells from much deeper layers of skin, it can cause long-lasting side effects like serious infections and scarring. What are the costs? When compared to laser procedures or plastic surgery, Microdermabrasion is much more affordable allowing many more people to benefit from its effect.

Isn’t it risky?

The quick answer here is “no.” Microdermabrasion procedures are essentially risk-free, as long as the provider is a trustworthy professional. Negative outcomes from these procedures might occur only when the procedure is done too often which is something no professional will advise you to do; it is important to find a qualified specialist, like the licensed estheticians on the Currie spa team, who will make sure that you get nothing but a healthier and more beautiful skin

When will I achieve the desired result?

Unlike other procedures, Microdermabrasion works wonders quickly. You can see the effect right after you walk out from your appointment. It doesn’t take much time for your skin to calm down. It will lose the ‘blushing’ effect that might have occurred after the procedure in a matter of minutes. What that means is that you don’t need to take the day off when you are undergoing a Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion. It is easy, risk-free and quick. No wonder it has the nickname “the lunch break procedure.” You walk in and a little over an hour later, walk out looking younger and refreshed. Make your appointment now!

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