Picking The Perfect Scent For Your Home

Smell is said to be the most powerful sense among the other four senses and is also said to be the second most sensitive sense, even the famous German writer Patrick Süskind mentioned this in one of his novels; Perfume: “Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.”

Did you know that smell also plays a very important role in shaping perception? Did you ever notice that you always choose to dine in at a restaurant or buy clothes from an store that smells good? This is one reason why scent marketing is at its peak.

Tired after a hectic day at work? Need to relax?

One way to feel a little less tired and relaxed is spraying a good scent or lighting those amazing scented candles you just bought. This will make you feel so much better. Want to know why? Because our nose cells are linked to the limbic system which is the part of the brain that governs emotions. So whatever you smell, it affects your emotions.

Now the most difficult thing to decide is which sent to pick for your home. Different places in the house serve different purposes and moods so choosing one scent for the whole house isn’t always a good idea, however if you still want to go with it, simmer water, lemon, and lavender, mint or any herb in a saucepan and wait for the magic!

1. Hallway or Entrance

In the entrance where you welcome people into your home its an very important decision because remember a first impression is a lasting impression and smell plays a vital role in shaping perceptions.
You obviously don’t want your guests to feel uncomfortable and uneasy at the door, so for this spot woody scents or cinnamon scent work best as they will help create a calm and subtle ambiance.

2. Living Room

Living rooms are usually the first spot we jump into after a stressful day in order to relax. So choosing a sweet smell is the best possible choice one can make like vanilla or maybe fir needle. Choosing a scent that connects us to nature is always a good option for places that require a relaxed environment. Why? Because these scents are known to lower the blood pressure.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where citric scents work best. Why? They are known to cut through the unpleasant smells in the environment and create an amazingly refreshing ambiance. Very helpful to cover the smell of the rolls you accidentally left in the oven too long!

4. Dining Room

After a busy day, this is the place where family members gather and chat for a while. The scent that best suits such a setting should be something light as well as refreshing and calm (because you obviously don’t want to deprive yourself from that delicious mac n cheese smell while gobbling that cheese bite but at the same time you don’t even want the smell to linger in the room for days, right?). Thus, a scent like bergamot would work best.

5. Bed Room

Favorite place? After a hectic day we are all ready for the comforts of our relaxing bedroom! For such a setting scents that help you relax and calm yourself are very important to ensure a good sleep. Floral scents like white lily, jasmine or French lavender are the best options.

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