Oribe Canales: The Founder of Oribe Products

Have you experienced Oribe products? Find out about their founder and his amazing career!

Oribe Canales, a Cuban born American hairstylist, was born in September 13th, 1956, in the Cuban city of Jaruco.

Early Years

Oribe immigrated to the USA in 1962 and went to hairdressing school in New York. Before his first official salon, Oribe was working in a salon in the Plaza Hotel. World renowned hairstylist, Garren spotted him and amazed by his work ethic and inspiration, he decided to put Oribe in his salon and from there on out, Oribe worked alongside him styling for everyone, including models and actresses.

Whilst working with Garren, Oribe received his first editorial credit from the magazine GQ. He then started working with photographer Steven Meisel and makeup artist François Nars. In 1987, Oribe established his first salon in New York City.

Oribe was described as a very daring and experimental hairstylist. He would do tri-color and very “out-there” hairstyles. In the beginning of the 90’s, Oribe’s career jumpstarted and he opened a salon on Fifth Avenue in New York City at Elizabeth Arden. His salon was very chic and stylish: his friend’s described his salon as “right up his alley”. He had decorated the salon beautifully and everyone could not help but be awestruck by the dazzling interior.

On opening ceremony of the salon, the model Vendela, came with a group of bodyguards, who were styled by none other than Oribe. This is claimed to be the most expensive salon Oribe had ever made in his career.

Glory Years

Oribe’s legacy is his styling of: big, voluminous and glorious hair. His edgy style was greatly reflected in his hairstyles. He worked with many models like: Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Naomi Campbell. His charm made the models: more confident in themselves, more powerful on the runway, boosted their confidence and enhanced their natural beauty! He was a very easy guy to be around: making everyone around him feel comfortable. The models loved his vibe and they loved his hairstyling.

After styling models, he went private and spent a lot of his time in his Miami salon, rather than on the runways. June 6th, 1999 he was hired by Jennifer Lopez to style her hair for her next album.

Oribe was a diehard fan of Jennifer Lopez since his teenage years and working with her was a dream come true for him. His collaboration with Jennifer Lopez brought him back to in the headlines and everyone admired him even more.

Haircare Products

In 2008, Oribe launched his own haircare range of products called: Oribe Hair Care.

His major goal was to bring luxury hair styling products to everyone. He did not want his hairstyling tools to be known just in the modeling and fashion industry. His products are admired by all and are of amazing and pristine quality.

Garren adds that Oribe’s dry hair texturizing spray is still one of the best hairsprays in the world and it is loved by hairstylists all around the world.

What Made Him Great?

He was one of the best hairdressers in the world of fashion. He was a small town guy from Cuba, who came to New York and finessed his way through his career. His talent was beyond words and whatever hair he touched looked magical every single time.

He was an extremely gentle and caring person. Though being one of the most renowned hairstylists in the world, he was very humble and genuine. Unfortunately, on December 17th 2018, at age 62, the world lost Oribe to kidney failure.

Oribe Canales, is remembered by his friends, acquaintances, family and his superiors, as a person who was always genuine and true regardless of wherever he was, a ray of sunshine and a friend who always knew how to make others feel as ease.

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