Do you need to use hair oil, regularly?

Oils have been used for centuries since the old ages as a beauty treatment for hair. Initially, the oils used were pure and naturally extracted from many plants and herbs such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, egg oil, argan oil, castor oil and many other types of oils. Oils provide hair with nourishment, necessary nutrients, while protecting and sealing them from damage, and providing hydration to the hair. Using hair oils can lessen the damage caused to your hair from: the changes in weather, various artificial and chemically processed hair products, hot tools and a poor diet and lifestyle. Oils are the most natural and raw form of nutrients for your hungry and abused hair.

Benefits of Hair Oils

  1. Hair Oils penetrate to the shaft of the hair roots and provides them nourishment and strength!
  2. Hair Oils go deep in the hair shaft and makes your hair stronger. They work their nutrients on your scalp and also cause faster hair growth. Those women who apply natural oils regularly will have thick, healthy and long hair.
  3. Hair Oils reduce the damage caused by hair dryers, flat irons and from the weather. They strengthen your hair and prevents breakage and also reduces the damage to your hair.
  4. Hair Oils contain many natural vitamins and nutrients which are good for your hair. They act as lubricants on your hair and adds a protective coating on your hair which reflects the light making it silkier and shinier.
  5. Your hair is made up of lipids and amino acids. When you get brittle and dry hair, it means that your natural lipids and amino acids are no longer there to protect and hold your hair cuticles together: hair oils provide lipids and amino acids to your hair making them stronger and healthier.
  6. Hair Oils also helps to tame down your frizzy and flyaway hair making it smooth, silky and shiny. It is also beneficial for extremely curly hair as oils help to straighten down the curls in your hair making them easy to detangle and more manageable.
  7. Hair Oils make your hair feel softer and silky to touch. Your hair looks and feels healthy, thick and beautiful.
  8. No shampoo or conditioner has the same effect as hair Oils. Even though your shampoo or conditioner may have numerous benefits they only stay on top of your hair and do not penetrate the roots and scalp. The oils make your hair healthy and strong from the roots.

Need a hair oil that doesn’t damage your hairs? Check out 100% natural Treatment Oil. A comfortable hydrating and restoring treatment for delicate and brittle hair. With olive and sweet almond oil, it disciplines hair and leaves it soft and strong.

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