Microblading & Microstroking in Glen Mills, Justison Landing, West Chester and Wayne

If you are interested in Microblading in the greater Glen Mills area you should strongly consider booking with the Currie team today. We have a selection of top microblading experts who are capable of helping you look your best with this revolutionary new procedure.
Microblading has become an incredibly safe procedure for getting the perfect eyebrows. By implanting hair like strokes into the epidermis it’s possible to produce fuller looking brows which are perfect for speeding up the process of getting ready each day and looking your best.

A session with us generally takes around 3 hours and just one of these sessions can lead to months and perhaps even years of completely worry free eyebrow maintenance. Think of the total amount of time that you spend fixing your eyebrows and remember that with microblading and microstroking in Justison Landing, DE, Wayne and Glen Mills PA, you could get access to completely perfect brows every day!

The procedure is also virtually painless. With the quality of the technology that we use, as well as the experience that we have, we can make sure that the entire experience can be as comfortable as possible for our guests. Using a special numbing cream we can make sure that the entire process can be safe and even somewhat relaxing.

This is an extremely safe procedure which is minimally invasive and it has an extremely low recovery time. Contact us today to make an appointment for your microblading or microstroking in Justison Landing DE , Wayne PA, Glen Mills PA and the surrounding areas!

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