5 Key Benefits Of Keratin Treatments

Have you ever heard of keratin treatment and wondered what that is all about? We are here to share this little treat for hair grooming with our beloved guests. Keratin treatments are a hair treatment that is aimed at making hair more manageable and beautiful. The result makes your look polished and takes away frizz and hassle. We have written this post to further elaborate on the Keratin treatment and why you should pursue it.

1. Frizz Free

The primary purpose of a Keratin treatment is to reduce the frizz for a sleeker look that is easier to style. The procedure treats your hair with a few safe chemicals that clean up your hair and make it straighter and free of frizz. Depending upon the treatment chosen the results can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months! The better care your hair gets after the treatment: the longer the longevity! Sulfate free products are a must- which you can find in the Apothecary at Currie in-store and online. Avoiding excessive salt water and pool time also helps the longevity of the treatment.

2. Strength

The process opens the bond between hair follicle and its roots and then bonds the roots again with a pack of protein. It means that the hair will be bonded with the roots in a much stronger manner. The hair will stay healthy for a more extended period. You will see an apparent reduction in hair fall after the treatment and will feel that your hair has grown in strength.

3. Environmental Detriments

The Keratin treatment acts like a coat on your hair that keeps your hair from being exposed to direct sunlight and the harmful effects of air. The hair will retain its shine and luster because the hair will not be exposed to the detrimental effects of outside air. We all know what regular outside air does to a person’s hair. The hair falls and diminishes in shine because of constant exposure to pollutants. This treatment helps to diminish those outside effects on your hair!

4. Cut Down on Your Blow Dry Time

A keratin treatment will help to reduce that pesky blow-dry time during your busy mornings! Your hair will look and feel softer and sleeker without those pesky flyaways that bug us, especially on hot humid summer days. This treatment is truly ideal for summer, so many guests get keratin treatments every summer for this exact reason!
The Keratin treatment helps your hair in both the short and long term. The treatment makes your hair look like it was done in a salon. We are not joking about that, and neither are we exaggerating. Try for yourself and find out!

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