Jane Iredale Setting Sprays : Guest Post by Erica Parker of “Jane Iredale Cosmetics”

We are in Week 3 of our New Year, New Look celebration where we are sharing beauty tips all month featuring favorites from our professional aestheticians and makeup artists.

This week we are featuring Hydration and Setting sprays. These are a small addition to your makeup routine, but they make a HUGE difference in your final look. Hydration and setting sprays are multi-use products. They can be used to prep the skin before applying your makeup. They can also be used as a mid-day, “refresh” for your makeup but most importantly they are the last step in your makeup routine with the purpose of activating the minerals and setting your makeup. All makeup lasts longer and looks more flawless with a prestige hydration and setting spray but mineral makeup specifically, melds into the skin and creates an all-day hold when activated by the right setting spray.

This week we are featuring Jane Iredale’s Hydration and Setting Sprays. We absolutely love these miracle workers because they interact with our favorite mineral makeup foundations in a way that makes the foundations look just like your skin…only better! They are made from the cleanest and purest ingredients and even have additional skin-enhancing benefits.

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