Jane Iredale Hyaluronic Acid Lip Treatment : Guest Post by Erica Parker of “Jane Iredale Cosmetics”

We are in Week 2 of our New Year, New Look celebration month. We are sharing beauty tips all month long featuring favorites from our professional aestheticians and makeup artists. In early February, we will be hosting an in-store activation event where we will be treating YOU to complimentary mini-makeovers and email will be provided with the dates soon! This week we are talking about prepping the lips before applying your lipstick, lip stains or lip glosses. Lip treatment products are a great way to smooth the dry and sometimes peeling skin on our lips that we all tend to get this time of year. When the lips are properly prepped, they not only feel better, but they also look smoother, fuller, and ultimately more beautiful.

Can I just use any old, Chapstick? The answer is, “No”! The lip treatment or lip prepping product that you apply is only as good as the ingredients that are in them. Many mainstream lip products contain Petroleum which can further dry out the lips. In addition, for a product that you are putting directly on your mouth, you want to be extra careful about any toxic preservatives or artificial dyes that you could ingest.

This week we are featuring a brand-new lip treatment product that is taking the beauty industry by storm! Jane Iredale’s Hydropure Hyaluronic Acid Lip Treatment is a favorite amongst our staff. This incredibly smoothing, soothing, and reparative treatment is ideal for daily nighttime use as well as for use to prep the lips before applying a lip color in the morning or throughout the day.

We love the hydrating and plumping benefits of Hyaluronic Acid as well as the deeply moisturizing properties of the premium oil blend used in this emollient-rich formula. So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your lip game, this would be a great time to toss the old Chapstick and treat your lips to an upgrade.

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