Importance Of Using Heat Protectants On Your Hair

Are you a big fan of your curling iron and flat iron? Than its essential to make sure you are using a heat protectant on your hair to maintain its health, vitality and strength!

Basic Hair Structure

Your hair strands are made up of two parts:
1. An inner part (cortex), consisting of water molecules and keratin.
2. An outer part (cuticle), consisting of smooth and shiny hair.

Identifying the Problem

Hair specialists claim that when one uses a hair dryer, the heat from the drier evaporates the water from the inner cortex. This changes the internal structure, followed by external changes, which causes your style to stay.
This is all well and good, until your hair is dried to a point with maximum water loss, which results in dryness, fizziness of hair, followed by hair loss.

What Should You Do?

It is recommended to apply heat protectants on your hair. These are products that reduces hair damage when using heat styling techniques on your hair.
Heat protectants work by adding moisture to the hair. In this way, excess water loss is prevented and your hair too, get styled.
Normally, heat protectants are made from a formula which is a combination of two silicones – cyclomethicone and dimethicone. Cyclomethicone is credited for moisturizing your hair while dimethicone acts as a protective layer – preventing loss of moisturizer from your hair.

Getting the Best Heat Protectants for Your Hair

There are tons of heat protectant products available, all over the world so how will you find out which is the best for you?
Our advice: look for the following factors when deciding a heat protectant.

Identifying Your Hair Type

Straight – wavy – curly. There are lots of hair types. Our advice is to find out your hair type and then get products designed for your type.


Look out for high quality natural oils and extracts. Good ones include olive, coconut, grape seed oil and sunflower oil.

Ease of Use

Find out if it is easy to use. There are hair products which take the application time of hardly 5 minutes while there are products which require you to apply them at night and then take a shower the following morning.

Recommended Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair

1. Get a hair dryer which has either ceramic or tourmaline plates.
2. Go with lowest heating settings of your dryer and gradually increase the temperature. Never go beyond the threshold of 275-300 Fahrenheit.
3. Aside from using heat protectants, it is important not to use overuse your hair dryer. Heat protectants are a means of minimizing the heating danger. They do not 100% eliminate the threat so use heat styling techniques in limit.
4. Regularly apply hair oil in your scalp to prevent dryness.
5. Once a week, treat your hair with a hair mask.
6. Consult your hair dresser about products and caring tips. Visit the shopping tab on our website to purchase the ideal heat protectant for you!

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