The Importance Of Products With SPF

We all are aware of how sun exposure can damage the skin. The harmful ultra violet rays of sunlight can damage and harm the skin. It leads to wrinkled skin, discoloration, pigmentation, uneven skin layers, and blemishes and in worst cases – skin cancers too. It is therefore very important to use skin and beauty products that have SPF in them. What is SPF? Why is it so important for the human skin protection? Let’s take a look at it below in this article.

Direct Exposure Greatly Harms the Skin

Do you know that the human skin can naturally burn and damage when directly exposed to the sunlight? Direct sun exposure begins to burn the skin within 10 minutes of exposure. So just imagine if you spend around 30 to 45 minutes under the sun, what would happen to your skin?

What Is SPF?

Sun protection factor is a compound or measure that is found in skin and beauty products. The presence of SPF in the product means that your skin will form a protective layer against UV damage, sunburn, excessive reddening of skin and rashes.

Importance of SPF In Skin Products

There are many further sub-categorizations of SPF that can be found in skin products. SPF 50 for instance is imagined to be one of the best forms of SPF in skin products. The presence of SPF 50 blocks up to 95 to 98 percent of sunlight exposure and harmful UVB rays. The protection against UVB and UVA rays is very important because these harmful and damaging rays result in excessive skin damage. The use of sunscreen will delay the skin from worsening but will also slow down the development of moles, wrinkles and fine lines over skin.

Top Reasons to Choose Skin Products with SPF

If you have been using skin and beauty products without SPF – it is crucial that you start considering using products with SPF now. Are you looking for inspiration to start using SPF skin products and incorporate it into your daily routine? Here are some top reasons why you should start using SPF skin products.

1. Protects Skin Discoloration

Skin discoloration is a common problem that people experience when exposed directly to the sunlight. Sun exposure tans the skin causing it to become dark, develop dark brown spots, sun spots and discolor. People with fair colors become tanned and dark skin people become even darker. Using SPF products helps to prevent skin discoloration.

2. Slows Down Skin Aging Process

As your skin ages, it starts to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, direct exposure to the skin accelerates skin aging process and can result in premature aging of skin. SPF products can protect not only premature skin aging but also delay skin aging over the years.

3. Ensures Maximum Absorption of Vitamin D

The skin needs vitamin D and we all know that the sunlight is a direct source of it. However, you might imagine that using a SPF will block your skin from consuming vitamin D. This is not the case. SPF only blocks the harmful elements and ensures to absorb maximum vitamin D in its benefits.

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