Importance Of Sunscreen As The Weather Gets Warmer

Importance Of Sunscreen As The Weather Gets Warmer

Most people, like me, wait eagerly for the summer months to arrive after a gloomy winter season. Now that the summer season is upon us, we all would like to hit the beach, hang by the pool or head to the trails for a hike.

But before venturing into direct sun exposure, do not forget to apply your sunscreen!

I’m sure that all of us realize the importance of sunscreen in avoiding sun burns, but did you know that applying sunscreen on a regular basis in this level of heat can actually have a host of other benefits for your overall health and wellbeing. Here’s a few reasons why you should never ditch the sunscreen before heading out:

1. It Protects Your Skin From Harmful UV Exposure

Because of the continuous depleting levels of the ozone layer in our atmosphere, a larger number of UV rays are able to pass the layer and hit directly on our skin. It is perhaps even more crucial today to wear sunscreen when heading out of the house then 10 years ago! Now I am not stopping you from taking that daily dose of natural vitamin D, but excessive exposure is never advised due to possible health risks. Sunscreens have the capacity to block as much as 70% UV rays thus protecting your skin. Doctors usually recommend anything around SPF 30+ for optimum protection.

2. It Prevents The Appearance Of Premature Wrinkles And Fine Lines

The harmful UV rays from the sun are responsible for photoaging your skin, causing premature lines, wrinkles, sagging and discoloration of the skin. This can lead to early signs of aging if you tend to stay in the sun quite a lot. So if you’re less than 55 years old: please do yourself a favor and invest in a good quality sunscreen! Your skin will thank you later.

3. It Lowers Your Chances Of Contracting Skin Cancer

In the United States alone, skin cancer is the most common cancer affecting over 90% of the population. Even though darker skin tones are more resilient to developing the disease, it happens rapidly in lighter skin tones. A rare form of skin cancer, termed melanoma, is the deadliest commonly affecting younger women ages 20-25 years. By using your sunscreen religiously, you can cut your risk of developing skin cancer by half!

4. It Can Help Maintain An Even Skin Tone

Are you tired of trying every other whitening serum to reduce the appearance of freckles and sun spots on your face? Well, try maintaining a daily sunscreen ritual and you will be surprised. If you had a great deal of direct sun exposure in your early childhood, then the chances of contracting dark spots increases and they may be difficult to lighten. But overtime, incorporating sunscreen in your daily skin routine, will prevent further darkening of the spots and will stimulate healing in the long run.

5. It Can Prevent Sunburns

Now this one can seem pretty obvious but it is an absolute lifesaver if you tend to stay out in the sun a lot. Sun burns are characterized by weakening of the upper layer of the skin, making it more prone to redness, itching and blistering. High intensity sunburn has also been found to progress to skin cancer lesions after a period of 20 years or so, YIKES! So make sure you have a diligent sunscreen routine in place to be able to prevent sunburn and permanent cosmetic damage.

6. It Can Improve The Overall Health Of Your Skin

Did you know that sunscreen helps to protect the essential skin proteins such as collagen and elastin from UV damage? When these essential constituents are in proportion, your skin looks radiant and healthy even after you cross 30. Remember to invest in a good quality sunscreen rich in titanium oxide to maximize the benefits.

7. It Doubles Up As Cover Up

Now this might not apply to everyone, but if you’re blessed with even and spotless skin, investing in a high quality tinted sunscreen can add up as concealer to conceal the minor imperfections along with providing the benefits of sunscreen. It’s something to consider if you buy tinted moisturizer and a sunblock every month. Not only do you look fabulous, you can save up some hard earned cash as well!

If this doesn’t persuade you to add sunscreen to your beauty arsenal, maybe we will think of ways to tell you this differently.

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